hello everyone , I am boundless .

Recently, some mechanical friends found me , Is it easy to learn about embedded system .

After the in-depth chat , I caught some of their roast , The industry is too traditional , low wages , No future , Poor working environment .

See what you've done 10 Years of talent 1 Over 10000 yuan , Bitter Heart .

If there is no hope , No one would risk a career change , After all, the price is too high .

I did the embedded MCU development 10 year , In addition to technology , I also learned a lot .

one , Which is better, embedded or mechanical ?

The first thing to tell you is , No matter what technology is good , Itself is just a tool , In fact, the most important factor in the future is how you use this tool to create value .

The same goes for embedded development , Embedded development is divided into many directions , Application of middle and low-end products for single chip microcomputer development , High end application ARM+Linux development , Also FPGA,DSP Development direction .

Different directions, although the technical complexity is different , But there is no better future , Only 51 There are a lot of bosses who make a fortune in small household appliances .

So if we just look at the salary , The salary of ordinary people doing embedded is higher than that of mechanical workers .

Different technologies , Its startup costs are different , The startup cost of single chip microcomputer is relatively low , One person can basically complete the hardware and software parts at the same time .

Plus oscilloscope , Air gun , The total cost of a multimeter's cluttered infrastructure will not exceed 1.5 ten thousand , Mainly labor cost .

I don't know much about the machinery industry , I see that many enterprises need to buy some large equipment , At least tens of thousands , Hundreds of thousands , More than one million .

Single chip microcomputer needs programming , It is relatively easy to build our own core competitiveness .

Many people may say that now there are so many single-chip microcomputer developers , Isn't it quick to find someone who can copy your product ?

Actually, it's not that simple , The first is the shell , And supply chain , If it is an Internet of things product, it also involves the cloud platform ,UI Design ,APP Develop these .

If a competitor wants to copy exactly the same product as you , None 2 It's hard to do it in .

The single-chip microcomputer was early 10 A few years ago, there were many product applications , In the eyes of many people, this industry also belongs to the Red Sea .

But in my opinion, it is still a blue ocean , Because now SCM combined with the Internet of things can expand more new applications , There are also many applications that have not been developed .

Let's take a look at some new applications in recent years , Like sharing a bike , Shared power bank , Fingerprint lock , Smart parking lot , UAV , Charging pile, etc .

These applications are Microcontrollers + Crystallization of Internet of things , There are so many industries , There are not many similar products , So there are many products that can be mined .

Products made by single chip microcomputer combined with Internet of things , The biggest advantage is to improve efficiency and save costs .

for instance , Like the parking lot self scanning code and paying for exit , Compared with the traditional security guard at the export, it is much more efficient to collect cash and leave the factory , And it can save a labor cost .

And bike sharing , It can greatly improve the efficiency of short distance travel, etc .

therefore , I suggest , If you just enter the embedded industry , Better move closer to the Internet of things .

Many products in this direction are not perfect , More possibilities , The traditional products are basically monopolized by some large enterprises , It's usually hard to go in and share a cup of cake .

The Internet of things industry involves many technologies , Generally, it is difficult to find the entry point for those that have not been done , The best way is to cut through the actual project .

This is also the reason why we use the actual Internet of things project to lead the students to learn SCM , Better transition to actual product development through projects , At the same time, it allows you to go deep into the whole process of IOT product development .

two , Is the mechanical rotation improved ?

We said earlier , Embedded has many directions , The mainstream is the direction of MCU ,ARM+Linux direction .

Many people find embedded hard , be unable to learn how to do sth. , I didn't understand the direction .

Set the general direction first , And then slowly shrink , Finally, focus .

for instance , For example, I choose to do SCM development , The development of single chip microcomputer involves hardware design and software development .

These two come from two positions in actual work , Hardware design is generally called Hardware Engineer , Software development is generally called MCU Engineer or embedded Engineer .

If you don't understand this , Your study will fall into confusion , The learning cycle is also very long .

Do you think it is necessary to learn both hardware and software deeply to do single chip microcomputer , Actually, as for software development, as long as you can understand the circuit diagram .

And understand the circuit diagram , There is no need to study analog circuits thoroughly , Now many complex circuits are integrated .

That is, integrated into one chip , Just use it .

The actual product development has strict requirements on the development cycle , There is no time for you to build various functional modules from scratch , So never have a technical complex .

It's like testing me with a single-chip microcomputer related test paper , I may fail the exam , But the boss asked me to make products , I've never tried to do the same thing .

Many novices always want to lay a solid foundation , That's right , The key is that the basis you think is not necessarily the basis for actual development needs .

If this is not clear, it is easy to make detours , Waste months or even years of your time .

therefore , I think as long as you learn the right way + Continuous practice , It's faster to turn around , The learning cycle is only a few months .