Literally :

Blockchain is a chain composed of small blocks recording various information ,

It's like we stack bricks , And it can't be removed after folding , Each brick also has various information written on it ,

include : Who folded it , When did you fold it , What materials are used for bricks, etc , You can't change this information .

From the computer :

Blockchain is a special distributed database .

Distributed database is to put data information on each computer separately , And the stored information is consistent ,

If one or two computers break down , Information will not be lost , You can also view it on other computers .

Blockchain is a distributed , So it has no center point , The information is stored in all nodes that join the blockchain network ,

The data of the node is synchronized .

A node can be a server , Notebook computer , Mobile phones, etc .

As like as two peas, you can see that the data stored in these nodes are exactly the same .

<> Blockchain characteristics

** Decentralization :** Because it is distributed storage , So there is no central point , It can also be said that each node is the center point ,

Applications in life just don't need a third-party system ( bank , Alipay , Real estate agents belong to third parties ).

** Openness :** The system data of blockchain is open and transparent , Everyone can participate ,

Like renting a house , You can know the previous rental information of this house , Have you ever had a problem , Of course, some personal private information here is encrypted .

** Autonomy :** Blockchain adopts consensus based specifications and protocols ( For example, a set of open and transparent algorithms ),

Then each node operates according to this specification , This means that everything is done by machines , There is no human element .

Make right " people " Trust in machines has been changed to trust in machines , Any human intervention will not work .

** Information cannot be tampered with :** If the information is stored in the blockchain, it is permanently saved , There is no way to change , as for 51% attack , Almost impossible .

** Anonymity :** There is no personal information on the blockchain , Because these are encrypted ,

Is a string of numbers and letters , In this way, your various ID information will not appear , The phenomenon of telephone numbers being reselled .