Python It is very important for zero foundation students to lay a good foundation in the introductory stage , For example, zero foundation is a newborn just landed , I'm most afraid of learning the wrong step , It's hard to change when you grow up . In very high abstract computing , Advanced Python Programming is very difficult to learn , High level programming language is not equal to simplicity , But for beginners and ordinary tasks Python Language is very simple and easy to use .

<> For beginners Python Is development difficult to learn ?

Python As an introductory language, it is very suitable for zero basic people to learn , The reasons are as follows :

The grammar is simple and clear ,Python Language is actually grammar +Flow control, and Python Simple syntax, high code readability, easy to get started

Python Our philosophy is that there should be only one best way to do something , It is very helpful for beginners to standardize their learning , It also helps beginners understand other people's code

Form good habits ,Python Strict requirements for code , Especially indentation (Indentation), It is very helpful for beginners to develop good code habits

Python The grammatical design is excellent , Compared with modern ideas, we can understand some ideas of modern programming language faster


Python Still based on tradition Class of OO( contrast Javascript be based on prototype of OO), and Java,C#,Ruby equally , More popular . from Python To learn Design
Pattern It is also more appropriate

Python The built-in data structure is clear and easy to use , meanwhile Library There are many excellent codes

Python Many free books can find a lot of information . At the same time, foreign communities are relatively concentrated , You can ask an expert if you have any questions

Python In other areas , Such as scientific calculation, it is widely used , For learning a language as a tool Python Very suitable

<>Python Develop phased learning , Step by step, from simple to deep learning :

<> Phase I ,Python Foundation and Linux database

Python The introduction stage is an important stage to help zero foundation students lay a good foundation . Need to master :

Python Basic grammar rules and variables
logical control
Built in data structure
File operation
Advanced function
Common standard library module
exception handling
MySQL use
Knowledge points such as collaborative process

master Python Basic grammar , Basic programming skills ;Linux Basic operation command ,MySQL Advanced content , Complete the actual operation of bank ATM system , English Chinese Dictionary , Lyrics parser and other items .

<> Phase II ,WEB Full stack

Main learning Web Front end related technology , Need to master :

Web Development basis
Flask Views
Flask Template
Database operation
Flask Configuration and other knowledge

master WEB Front end technical content ,WEB Back end frame , Skilled use Flask,Tornado,Django, It can complete the project of data monitoring background .

<> Phase III , Data analysis + artificial intelligence

Mainly learn about reptiles , Need to master :

Data capture
Data extraction
data storage
Reptile concurrency
Dynamic web page crawling
scrapy frame
Distributed crawler
Reptile attack and defense
data structure
Algorithm and other knowledge

Master reptiles , data acquisition , Advanced data organization and algorithm and artificial intelligence technology . Can complete reptile attack and defense , Picture mosaic , Film recommendation system , earthquake prediction , Stage projects such as artificial intelligence project .

<> Phase IV , Advanced

Python Advanced knowledge points , Need to master :

Project development process
High concurrency
performance tuning
Go Language foundation
Introduction to blockchain

Master automatic operation and maintenance and blockchain development technology , Can complete automatic operation and maintenance projects , Blockchain and other projects .

Learn according to the above four stages Python, Can basically become a qualified Python Development Engineer , actually Python Programming languages do not have high requirements for beginners , Want to learn Python Develop or want to pass Python Learning to enter the field of the Internet can learn Python development .

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