Python Variable names are case sensitive , for example :name and Name Just two variable names , Not the same variable .

variable (variable) It's learning python Initial time , Will come into contact with a new knowledge point , It is also a concept that needs to be familiar with .python Is a dynamically typed language , Different types of values can be bound during the execution of assignment , This process is called variable assignment , The assignment also determines the type of variable .

What are variables

stay python Many data will be used in the learning process , That's for easy operation , These data need to be represented by a simple name , It is convenient to refer to in the next program . A variable represents some data ( value ) Name of .

python How do variable assignments define operations

The variable definition method is simple :1>>> x = 5

This operation is assignment , Integer number 5 Assigned to variable x, Use an equal sign to connect variable names and values . Then you can use the new variable in the expression .1

2>>> x * 3


be careful : During assignment , What data type is the value , Determines the type of this variable , The variable name refers to both the value and its type .

Variable naming convention

1, Variable names can include letters , number , Underline , But you can't start with a number . for example :name1 Is a valid variable name , and 1name You can't .

2, System keywords cannot be used as variable names

3, Except underline , Other symbols cannot be used as variable names