Python of 3.0 edition , Often referred to as Python 3000, Or abbreviation Py3k. be relative to Python Previous versions of , This is a big upgrade .

In order not to bring too much burden ,Python 3.0 Downward compatibility was not considered in the design .

Many for early Python No version of the program can be created in Python 3.0 Normal execution on .

To take care of existing programs ,Python 2.6 As a transitional version , Basically used Python 2.x Syntax and library for , At the same time, the orientation is considered Python
3.0 Migration of , Allowed parts Python 3.0 Syntax and function of .

new Python Program recommended Python 3.0 Syntax of version .

Most third-party libraries are trying to be compatible Python 3.0 edition . Even if it cannot be used immediately Python 3.0, It is also recommended to write compatible Python
3.0 Version of the program , Then use Python 2.6, Python 2.7 To execute .

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Python2 And Python3 Choice of :

Because early Python There are some deficiencies in the basic design of version .2008 In Guido van Rossum Redevelopment again Python
3.0( go by the name of Python 3000, Or abbreviation Py3k),Python3 These remaining problems are well solved in the design , And the performance has also been improved ,.

therefore , The two versions have entered the state of long-term parallel development and maintenance . But in terms of update speed
,Python3 Updates are much faster than Python2 Speed of , because Python2 At present, it mainly focuses on maintenance .Python3 This is the trend of the future .