This article mainly introduces what is git as well as git Role of .

For a qualified programmer ,git Tools must be familiar . But for some programs , I'm a little confused .( Relevant recommendations :《Git How to use it? 》)

that GIT What is it ?

GIT, The full name is distributed version control system ,git Usually used in programming , also git Support distributed deployment , Can be effective , High speed processing from very small to very large project version management . The biggest difference between distributed and centralized is that developers can submit locally , Each developer through cloning (git
clone), Copy a complete on the local machine Git Warehouse .

You must have seen such an official explanation , I guess I'm still confused !

Below we can give an easy to understand example .

For example, when you write a programming document locally , It is found that some places need to be modified or deleted , Some people may modify it directly in the current file , Some people will copy it and modify it , Then delete the useless files . But when you find that the original file is better or another version is better , You may be at a loss .

Use at this time git tool , That's smart . We can build a version library locally , Whenever we need to modify , You can submit the previous version and indicate the characteristics of this version . In this way, there is only one programming document in the folder . When you need which version , Just restore it in the version library .

You may not know what a version library is ?

Version library, also known as warehouse (repository), It can be simply understood as a directory ( A directory where many versions are stored ), All the files in the directory are deleted Git Manage , Modification of each file , delete ,Git Will track , So that the history can be tracked at any time or the changes can be restored at some time in the future .

That's all , I believe you are right git Already have a certain understanding .

that git What is it like ?

Now we can open a folder directory at will , Right click . The image shown in the following figure appears Git GUI Here(Git A graphic user interface ) and Git Bash
Here(Git Command line interface ).

Here we have installed it Git of .Git The command line interface is as follows: , It is a tool for us to submit code to the warehouse .

This article is about Git A brief introduction to , I believe you have a little understanding , Hope to be of some help to interested friends !