I am also a programmer , all day coding,
debugging, Sometimes I think , I really can't write one day , Or companies prefer to use young people to do these things , Because it's cheap and energetic , What should I do ?

Although there are many old procedures abroad
member , Like some German colleagues I know , I'm getting older , And a software engineer , Well done . They don't care about fame or profit , All in interest . But I'm different ! The environment at home and abroad is also different with .

1, I feel that the prospect of Chinese programmers is gloomy , Is that so? ?

Personal view :

(1) Personally, I don't think it's gray , The past decade has been a decade of rapid Internet explosion , Each industry has developed to a certain extent , Will gradually stabilize , The software industry is no exception .

(2) In fact, I have this feeling recently , I feel that the software industry is more difficult than before , With the Internet promoted by the government +, The software industry has entered all walks of life , I think it may be like the United States , Become a basic industry , Treatment and opportunities will also converge with other industries , But I don't know if it can be like the United States , reach 50 How old can you write code .

(3) Generally speaking, the software industry will tend to be stable , Slowly level with other industries , But the software industry, whether it's opportunity or treatment , Compared with other industries, it should still be in the middle and upper class .

(4) If you especially emphasize that the prospect of Chinese programmers is gloomy , Because MATLAB If foreign software is prohibited , I don't think it's that stage yet , Programmers are developers and designers matlab People , Just matlab It was developed by foreign programmers , In fact, domestic programmers can also develop ; Prohibited use matlab etc. , The biggest impact is actually the use of matlab People waiting for software , More often than not, non programmers .

Often go online to learn about the way out of some programmers , To sum up, I think the following three are more feasible .

Outlet 1 : towards IT Trainer transformation

analysis :IT After recruiting new employees , Generally, training is required before taking the post , This training is sometimes carried out on the job , By experienced “ the elderly ” be responsible for . Young people want to enter IT industry ,
Must receive such professional training . nowadays IT The training market is quite large , Considerable profit margin , The development prospect of the industry is promising . Whether in IT Training for internal transformation of the company , Or to IT Training institution
teacher , There should be room for development . Such a job won't be too stressful , And relatively stable , There is no requirement for age . And he didn't leave his job .

advantage : I have worked in this industry for many years , Rich programming skills , Project experience , He has participated in many successful cases . And the industry contacts accumulated over the years , It can also help us develop enterprise customers , By the way, I am responsible for market development .

Challenge : Lack of training experience . If you want to transform to a trainer , You may need some professional training , Improve your ability as a trainer .

Outlet 2 : towards IT Marketing transformation

analysis :IT Different from other industries , Due to strong technical , Marketing personnel generally must also have a strong technical background , And it is best to have rich experience . Internet company , E-commerce company , At present, software companies need marketing personnel with technical background ; in addition , E-commerce is booming again , Traditional enterprises begin to pay attention to e-commerce marketing , Marketing personnel with technical background are also required . This kind of work pays well , Plus a commission, you should get a higher salary than programmers , It is also relatively stable .

advantage : Deep technical background , Widely involved in a variety of programming software and tools , yes IT The industry also has a relatively in-depth understanding , These are comparative advantages .

Challenge : Programmers generally have little contact with people , Eloquence is not very good , And marketing work just needs to deal with people , This may be the biggest challenge , Require a radical change in the way we work , Strengthen communication and interpersonal skills ; in addition , Marketing will face the pressure of sales indicators , These issues must be deeply considered before the transformation .

Outlet 3 : Work towards project management

analysis : If there are many elements in the transformation of the first two ways , Then project management can be said to be a more convenient way of development . at present , Software project manager is a hot talent in the talent market , Rich experience , Outside
A software project manager with good language is a hot pastry , demand exceeds supply , Salaries naturally rise .

advantage : Yes, experienced , Have technology , Have contacts , capable , Participated in multiple software development , Someone with some experience , Project management is undoubtedly a good direction of development .

Challenge : Maybe some programmers are always involved in the project team , Rarely served as a project leader . Many companies recruit project managers , All need to have the experience of leading the team to carry out project development , This is
One disadvantage . It is best to take some training courses in project management , Self study related knowledge , Grow yourself in process management , Communication and coordination skills , In order to accumulate capital , Gradually move forward to the post of project management .

Some advice for young programmers :

Climb up in the workplace , Don't stop , Don't stop , Don't stop .

Become an expert in some field —— Although it is also important to maintain a wide enough technical surface , So you won't be eliminated .

Build a personal circle . Expand it .

Diversify your investments .

When you have a job, you must have medical insurance , Don't go wrong in this regard . If you lose your job , No money , No medical insurance , This will become a serious problem .

for the good of others , But don't be stupid . Most of the people you have helped will not repay you .

Plan ahead , Nine times out of ten, life is unhappy .