Today's world , The new generation of artificial intelligence is developing vigorously all over the world , Technology landing level began to continue to deepen , Innovative platforms and smart applications emerge in endlessly , In the context of data explosion and intelligent revolution , Open source and opening up speed up the process of promoting cutting-edge technology innovation and industry ecological development , And continue to become AI The field is the core force of conveying important technological nourishment and creativity . meanwhile ,AI Developers have gradually become the key for major enterprises to embrace intelligent and digital transformation , Become a new channel for national innovation and development , Not only does it give birth to AI The rise of new potential energy , Create a large number of new industrial opportunities , It also shows the influence of China's open source wisdom on the world stage .

Since the first Qizhi developer conference was held in Shenzhen , It has formed a positive impact in the field of open source , From hard core infrastructure , Massive open software and data environment , Excellent deep learning AI frame , Diversified cooperation mode and so on , Great efforts have been made to support the innovation of developers , And provide technology for them to talk freely , Exclusive platform for learning and innovation . Yuanchuang Pengcheng , Zhihui Beijing !2020 year 12 month 2 day -3 Riqizhi developer conference will be held in Beijing · The National Convention Center set sail again , Insight into the new trend of open source development , Focus on exploring the road of open source industry development , The conference will invite domestic AI Open source leading academician preaches in person , Huawei, a member of Qizhi community , Baidu , Wide sight , Top enterprises in the industry such as dakei contribute to this developer conference , Call the developer assembly number together , Around rising , Flying oar , Tianyuan , Cloud robots, etc AI Open source project , Create diversified open courses and practical courses for developers , Meet the needs of multi-level learning , Create opportunities to improve skills .

Release surging computing power , Let intelligence be everywhere

Facing the new era of ultra large scale diversity computing , Improve efficiency , Cost reduction is the most basic demand of developers . it is reported , At this conference , Several open courses will be held around Huawei shengteng open source project , In depth interpretation for developers MindX
SDK Application principle of development kit , Huawei Atlas Product form and rising AI Basic knowledge of software stack ,MindStudio Core technology of whole process development tool chain , as well as MindSpore Own technology innovation and display cloud edge full scene development practice , Truly enabling industry developers , Provide multiple technologies and tools for innovation , So as to improve the quality of the industry AI Development efficiency and landing effect , Make developers extraordinary . in addition , The course will also introduce the methods of Huawei system leading enterprises and developers to explore China's open source and industrial intelligent mode , Demonstrate its application in Intelligent Transportation , Smart Finance , smart city , Smart power , Integration effect of intelligent manufacturing and other fields , adopt AI The power of Technology , Truly solve the pain point problems in various industries , Help enterprises better realize social value .

The oars of developers , Meet the new blue ocean of industry

When technology and life are inseparable , Deep learning is driving AI Stepping into the stage of industrialized production , While accelerating the process of intelligent industrialization , Bring huge value-added space and opportunities to various industries . At this conference , In the deep learning special held by Baidu , Deep learning will become the key technology of natural language processing , The security challenges of deep learning at the present stage , Hardware and software co design , Bring hot topics in the field of end-to-end performance optimization practice , In depth study and discussion . it is reported , In the class, there will also be a top-level coffee sharing tool for Baidu PaddlePaddle. , The progress of ecological construction of flying oars is also reported . The conference will also show the outstanding contribution of flying oars to the intelligent upgrading of domestic industry for developers , Driverless , medical care , city planning , Pest monitoring, etc , Open up to developers and embrace the dream of innovation .

Break the game AI productivity , Jointly build the ecology of innovation source

Open source is a trend , It is one of the most important trends in the development of global artificial intelligence . As China AI New force of open source , This conference will prepare excellent courses for developers , Combined with the latest research results and industrial practice of Kuangshi , This paper focuses on the application of semi supervised learning in computer vision and the modern practical depth vision model , Combined with the core advantages of Tianyuan deep learning framework , Carry out comprehensive interpretation and interactive discussion . On the one hand, the course will help developers understand and learn the frontier research of artificial intelligence , Industrial application and Practice “ Tianyuan ” The impact of deep learning framework on China AI Innovation and production power injected into industry ecological construction . on the other hand , It will enable developers to truly understand how deep learning framework Tianyuan makes applications , algorithm , scene , Operating system and other core technologies are more harmonious , Show the hard power of China's open source on the global stage of science and technology .

The strongest brain in the cloud , Meet the new life of wisdom

along with 5G And new digital technology continues to deepen in the field of robotics , Robot has been advanced intellectually from perception and cognition to decision-making , So the emergence of cloud robot has become an intelligent solution with great imagination . This conference will be held in the form of open class , Present the development potential of cloud robots for developers , Deliver the future vision of cloud smart connectivity . In depth interpretation of cloud brain established by dakei Technology , neural network , Three layer architecture of robot ontology and intelligent service robot , Breakthrough and innovation of all-round hardware cloud transformation and upgrading of intelligent devices . The interpretation of wonderful content will give more developers reason to believe that digital skills can bring opportunities for intelligent innovation to all ! Better foresee a better future life through open source wisdom .

Training open source talents , Create an era of developers

AI Changing the world , Who will change AI? Under the background of new infrastructure construction , The wave of industrial Internet is coming ,AI+ Application has gradually become a new engine to drive national economic growth , therefore , Focus on excellent developers , It is very important to build a technology ecosystem with open source as the core . At this Qizhi developer conference , Pengcheng laboratory and OpenI Qizhi community will also hold a special forum on the linkage between smart medicine and Qimeng action universities , Demonstrate the outstanding achievements of open source projects in fighting the epidemic , Lead China open source to the world better . in addition , Now it belongs to AI Hot blooded era of developers , Expand the diversity of technical talents ,“ Integration of industry and education ” culture AI The living power of , Only in this way can we have a better foundation for savings and innovation , Show the edge of China's wisdom source creation .

No open source , Unecological . With the advent of the era of interconnection of all things , China's open source burst at the right time , Collaborative development has become the cornerstone of helping open source .2020 Qizhi Developer Conference sincerely hopes to work with more partners with open source ideals , Exchange experience , On Innovation , Strengthen the team of excellent open source projects in China ,“ code ” Full open , accelerate AI Inclusive process . The registration information can be submitted through the official website entrance. The successful registration will be approved by the organizer .