In use Fenix after ,Mozilla Has been applied to Android Of Firefox
Browsers add most of the basics , Privacy function , And support some extensions . In the recently updated Nightly In version ,Mozilla It brings automatic saving , Function of filling in address and credit card information .

   For Android Of Firefox Nightly The new edition includes :

  ● Let you in Grid View labels in layout

  ● Can be like iOS Terminal Safari equally , Automatically close tabs after a period of time

  ● It has enhanced tracking protection function , And stop the redirection tracker

  ● Support external download manager and voice search

  ● Automatically fill in login name and password

   Desktop Firefox from 81 The version supports automatic credit card filling , but Android The version didn't follow up . Now in Nightly In the latest version , Users can start experiments by
Flag Can be activated , Unfortunately, this is just a place holder at the moment , It cannot take effect after it is enabled . The activation steps are as follows :

  1. Make sure you use the latest Firefox Nightly edition

  2. click “...” Button to enter settings

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click “ about Firefox Nightly”

  4. click Firefox Icon three times , A debug menu will appear

  5. Navigate back to settings and select “Secret Settings”

  6. Click add credit card and enter details . You don't have to type in here CVV. after , Whenever you come across a web form that requires payment by credit card , Select options , Auto fill in credit card data .