On release Adobe Photoshop for Apple Silicon Less than a month , release Adobe Premiere Pro,Premiere
Rush and Audition for Apple Silicon More than three months after the beta ,Adobe Now it has started testing on Apple's latest chip architecture Illustrator.

  Adobe It was released late last week Illustrator for Apple Silicon The first beta of , call Illustrator Many of them
" Core functions " It is supported in the native version of Apple's self-developed chip program . up to now , Users need to Apple Silicon Apple on the Internet Rosetta 2 Simulation run
Illustrator, This brings some performance loss , And this is especially true for these specialized software .

   With native support ,Illustrator and Photoshop And other applications in the newer Mac
Not only does it provide faster performance on board , It also improves reliability , Reduce the application crash and some functions can not be realized .

   Interested in testing on apple chips Illustrator Of Adobe Customers can Creative Cloud Desktop In application Beta Apps
Partial download 25.3.1 Beta .

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