Google releases Android 12 Developer preview 2 one month , It gives us some hints , Google may add some features to the final version . In these functions , There is a new search widget , this is
Pixel Launcher Are you ready , Search allows users to search for apps and contacts on the device , Settings, etc .

   It seems that this function is not limited to Pixel On the phone Android 12, Because we have some evidence that this function may be extended to third-party initiators .Android 12
It will make it easier to search content on mobile phones .

  Niagara The developers of the starter managed to Android 12 New evidence was found in the preview document . The document shows that , Google will be in Android 12
Add a new device search in API; this API Third party initiators will be allowed to have a common search function . This feature will allow a third party to start the program " Centralized access system maintenance AppSearch
Indexes ".

   It is mentioned in the document ,AppSearch Index is a search library used to maintain structured data , Its characteristics are as follows :

   Stand alone solution for completely offline

   a set API, For applications to index and retrieve documents through full-text search .

   Provide for applications API, Enable the system to run in the system UI Surface display content .

   same , Application's API Allows the system to share its content with other specified applications .

   This feature will allow users to no longer use any third-party applications to do their work , Will be able to search almost anything on the device directly from the search bar . at present , There is no information on the implementation of this feature , But with the next
Android 12 Developer preview launched , More details can be expected .

   Similar functions can be used in a variety of third-party applications , But in Android 12 It would be much better to directly build this function into the system , Because it will increase the basic functions of each device running the version of the operating system .