The one who just worked , It's said that programmers can only do it 30 year . I was naive at that time , Because I prefer to read martial arts novels , I think programmers are just like the characters in novels ,
Life is a riot , And then he left quietly !

however ,30 Year after year , Stagger to 45 year , Still writing code day after day . Follow this trend , Delaying retirement is a certainty , It has to be written down 20 year .

Talking about 45 Year old programmer , It is estimated that the first reaction of many people is so pitiful , here we are 45
I still need to write code ? The second reaction is, how is that possible , Because there are countless people on the Internet 35 Programmers over the age of 15 were sentenced to death . however , along with 80 After that, they began to enter 40 the highest level , There will be more and more people around you 40+
Programmers appear , This kind of rumor will break itself . No matter in which field ( Except competitive sports ),40
Many years is a young age , It's the time of life , Why did you become a programmer , I'm old ?

I'm reading Wu Jun's book these days 《 The top of the wave 》, Look at Microsoft , Apple ,Intel, Google
Such a company from the rise to glory , Some are like meteors , The sun shines brightly , And then it fell fast , Some of them tend to be flat after their glory , Some of them fell to the bottom and broke out again . It's exciting to see , It's like going through a life of ups and downs .

But in retrospect , I'm actually a witness to this wave , Always in the wave . The problem is , I am in the tide , I didn't know I was in it . Why are we not now ? Artificial intelligence appears in our life , We laugh at it “ Artificial mental retardation ”. Bitcoin , The emergence of blockchain , liar , The reputation of money collection is not lost . The emergence of a new technology , Even very smart people , And I won't realize its greatness . original
iphone When I was born , How many people can imagine that it can change our world so deeply ?

When a small wave appears , Most people are numb , A few may have seen it , But only a very small number of these people will take action , Plunge into this wave . When this little wave turns into a huge one , It's a shock to us , Then it dawned on us , It turns out that the little wave represents the future . It's often said , I wish I could go back 30 years , Opportunities are everywhere , The present society is seriously involved , It's hard to do anything . In fact, these people went back 30 years , Will also ignore the opportunities around , It is doomed that only a few wise people can seize the opportunity .

of course , The benefits of being on the wave , It just doesn't take much , swim , And it's going to keep going . Although not at the top of the wave , Attracted people to worship , But you can have a good time .

《 Trisomy 》 A scene like this is described in , Zhizi blocked the progress of human science , But human beings are still making progress in engineering technology , In the end, a huge space fleet was built . In this respect , Computer technology is not so much a science , It's more of an engineering . Since the advent of computer technology , No major breakthrough has been made , Feng · Neumann architecture ,C/C++ language ,Unix operating system , compiler , database , cryptographic algorithm , wait , The foundation was laid in the 1960s and 1970s . Even now is still in the embryonic stage of artificial intelligence , It was also studied in the 1970s and 1980s .

Modern people are like craftsmen , Generation after generation of perfection , Improvement . The rapid development of modern technology , Moore's law still works , It also promotes more and more application of computer technology to industry , In agriculture , The formation of a growing computer industry . This also requires more and more people to invest in the computer industry . Maybe a new science ( technology ) The invention of , Just one person or one team , But we need to turn new technologies into products , Practicality , But it needs thousands of people . From this point of view , Programmers are like workers in the industrial revolution , Electrical engineers in the age of electrification revolution , There is a huge demand . Before the assembly line workers as long as a few days of training can work , Personnel can be replaced at will , But hardware and software engineers need months or even years to adapt to the rhythm of the new team , This determines that software and hardware engineers will have a long career .

Where is he fan 《 Fast variable and slow variable 》 It's written in a book , The second industrial revolution began in 1870 years , stay 1870 - 1920 This year 50
Years , Invented a lot of products , Like a telegram , Telephone , electric light , automobile , train , but 1920 - 1970 This year 50
The economy has made greater progress in recent years , You know, it's still the second world war that happened in this period of time .

From the last century 70 From the 1980s to the present , It's almost the third industrial revolution ( information revolution ) Before 50 year , Believe it 50
The annual wave will be bigger , The economy will grow faster . From payment , Travel , Shopping and so on , Information technology has affected our life in all aspects , In the window period when AI can't replace programmer , All of them IT The golden age of practitioners .

With the growth of people , Some people will gradually step into management positions . Under the influence of China's long-term official standard thought , This is a good road , But it will also be a crowded road . Do you want to go this way , To synthesize character , opportunity , Preference, etc . Actually, I prefer it 《 Geek and team 》 The story of a Book , Abandoned
manager The word , It's using leader
The word . If you want to dominate your product rather than just be a follower , You have to learn to steer , Otherwise, it will only make you feel worse ( There are also projects ) be stranded .leader
Usually responsible for the overall product ( Or part of it ) The trend of technology in China . My leader once told me , One's strength is limited , So much code can be written , If you can bring more new people , Help you grow up , It's good for you and the company .

from 17 I went to college at the age of 20 , The first programming language to come into contact with is FORTRAN, I'm in business , It has been written by now 28 Year code . According to the slogan of Chinese Education ”
Exercise for an hour every day , Fifty years of health work , A happy life ”, I can write it again 22 Year code . It's not difficult for me , Because this is my hobby .