Python How long can I learn to make money independently ?
One month is enough !

Novice learning Python, Follow this route ,30 Mastery can be achieved in days !

Python As one of the most popular programming languages ,

But for many beginners who have no programming foundation ,

Want to master it thoroughly Python It's a difficult thing .

actually , As long as we master and adhere to scientific and reasonable learning methods ,

Python From entry to mastery, you can achieve it in only one month .

Although a month is not long , It's not short ,

But if you insist every day 6 More than hours of effective learning ,

I'm sure I can master it thoroughly Python Technology of .

Let's share one

Python30 Day learning plan from introduction to mastery :

First week : be familiar with python

The second week : Start software development ( Build project )

Third week : Make yourself a programmer

Most people don't tell him secrets :
If you're right Python very “ be fascinated ”,

And willing to devote energy to study ,

Then you can do it in a month

Complete the above learning tasks .

The premise is that you must do the following :
Study all day Python ,

It starts at eight every morning ,

It ends at 5 p.m ,

You can rest for an hour .

Every day 8 Point start plan

Make a list of things to learn that day ,

Then review and practice what you learned yesterday in an hour .

next , stay 12 Learn the content of the day before clicking

After lunch , Practice the content of the day ,

If you encounter problems that are difficult to solve ,

You can search for solutions online ,

Or join our learning exchange group 976191019 Help each other .

Keep it up every day 4-5 Hours of study time

as well as 2-3 Hours of practice time ,

You can rest up to one day a week .

No madman , Non survival .
Unswervingly carry out this study plan ,
The learning results in a month will make your life take on a new look .