In the beekeeping industry , In terms of the number of beekeeping in China , Or the production of bee products , They have always been the first in the world , It is a famous beekeeping country , meanwhile , China has also been vigorously supporting the beekeeping industry , Advocating scientific beekeeping . Because beekeeping is relatively easy , It's a collective society , Economics , Ecological industry , It will not impact the planting industry , It will not affect the traditional breeding industry , It will not pollute the environment , It is an industry worthy of great support , What's more? , Beekeeping has a long history in China .


1, Current situation of beekeeping in China

1.1, The prevalence of fake bee products

in recent years , There are a lot of fake bee products in the market , Consumer talk “ honey ” Color change , This has caused a huge impact on China's beekeeping industry . one side , The supermarket counters are full of fake bee products made by unscrupulous traders , It is difficult for consumers to buy high quality bee products ; on the other hand , Bee farmers who breed in deep mountains all year round , The high-quality bee products produced can't be sold . so to speak , The appearance of fake bee products , It's not only deeply hurt consumers , Even more disturbed the normal honey market , It affects the interests of bee farmers , The beekeeping industry was destroyed .


1.2, The degree of organization of beekeeping industry is low

At present, China ranks first in the world in terms of the quantity of beekeeping and the output of bee products ! But compared with European and American countries , The degree of organization of beekeeping industry in China is low , There are many beekeepers and they are in a weak state , In terms of technology , Or the combination of production and marketing , All of them are lagging behind , They didn't give full play to their group advantages , Form an effective industrial chain . in addition , All aspects of functions can not be fully played , It is also one of the major reasons that restrict the organization of beekeeping industry .


1.3, Low mechanization , Difficult to promote

For now , Although the mechanization of beekeeping has been improved in China , But it's basically the same as it was in the last century , Low mechanization . in recent years , There are a lot of technologists into the beekeeping industry , Build mechanized equipment for beekeeping industry , Although some achievements have been made , But it's stuck in the promotion . Although the bee farmers in the mechanization of equipment , Exclamation of high efficiency of equipment , But few people are willing to use it .


1.4, The quality of honey is relatively low , Affect exports

Mature honey and immature honey are different in essence . Mature honey needs longer brewing period , But the nutritional value is very high ; Immature honey needs short brewing period , The nutritional value is far less than that of mature honey . Some beekeepers try to increase the production of honey , cost reduction , Not willing to produce mature honey again , It tends to produce immature honey , This has resulted in a situation that should have gone to the international market “ Mature honey ”, Because the quality can not meet the standard , And switch to the domestic market , Supply exceeds demand in domestic market , The price of honey is too low , In order to maximize the benefits , Bee farmers can only benefit by reducing the quality of honey , Finally, the vicious circle of honey market will be formed .


2, Prospect analysis of beekeeping industry in China

Although the number of bees and bee products in China ranks first in the world , It is known as a big beekeeping country in the world , But it has not become a beekeeping power , Why? ? The reason is that compared with other countries , Our beekeeping technology is still in the development stage , There is still a certain gap with the international bee breeding technology , At present, China's beekeeping industry is characterized by small scale , High dispersion , But it is precisely because of such characteristics , China's beekeeping industry will have a huge room for improvement in technology and scale in the future .

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards , People's demand for high-quality bee products is also increasing , Beekeeping will find its own position in the future , Towards modern beekeeping , The development direction of scientific beekeeping , Replace manual operation with mechanization , Arming bee industry with science and technology , Management of beekeeping industry with advanced management and management mode , Fundamentally solve the shortcomings of beekeeping technology in China , Achieve high yield of honey , stable yields .


3, Development direction of beekeeping in China


3.1, Establishing pilot base of beekeeping scale production , Try to scale production moderately

There are some differences between China and developed countries in professional beekeeping . The mechanization of beekeeping is high in developed countries , Large scale and dense , The per capita feeding amount and yield are at a high level , Promoting scale development of beekeeping with high level of mechanization , And use the scale level to drive the development of mechanization , The two rely on each other , interwovenness , This has also become a standard model for modern beekeeping . But in our country , Most belong to individual beekeeping , relatively speaking , The degree of specialization and mechanization is low , The distribution is relatively scattered , There are usually dozens of groups of bees , A few have more than 100 groups . This way of breeding , It also causes the gap between China's beekeeping industry and the world's beekeeping industry , The quality of honey can't reach the international standard , It can only be forced to turn to the domestic market again . therefore , Next, the development direction of China's beekeeping industry can moderately establish large-scale beekeeping pilot bases , Appropriate mechanization , Large scale beekeeping , Improve the competitiveness of honey , Help bee industry to internationalization , Maximize economic benefits .


3.2, Strengthen publicity , Improve the national awareness of beekeeping

For big consumers , They think that the main purpose of beekeeping is to get benefits , To get honey , Royal jelly and other products , So as to obtain economic benefits . actually , A lot of people are wrong , The main purpose of beekeeping is to pollinate crops . At least for now , In developed countries, pollination of crops is the top priority in beekeeping , The second is to obtain bee products , Therefore, it can be said that beekeeping is an indispensable part of agriculture , Beekeeping is also known as “ The wings of Agriculture ” The title of . therefore , I have to admit that , The awareness of beekeeping in developed countries is much higher than that of most of us , It is also the cognitive gap , This has led to a passive situation in the development of beekeeping industry in China . To turn passive into active , The key point is to strengthen publicity and promotion , Improve people's cognition of beekeeping , Only in this way can beekeeping industry develop better in our country .


3.3, Develop potential bee products market in China

From the current situation in China , The consumption of bee products is still more inclined to foreign countries , The consumption level of domestic consumers will be restricted by foreign manufacturers , alike , Domestic bee products cannot go to the international market , It's going to be crazy “ erode ” Existing market , Honey market oversupply , Honey prices and quality will show a downward trend . thus it can be seen , Want to make a breakthrough in China's beekeeping industry , We must expand the consumer market , Explore potential market , We can start from two aspects : First, strengthen the propaganda of honey knowledge , Change the concept of some consumers regarding bee products as medicines or supplements ; Second, we should pay attention to improving the quality of honey , At the same time, do a good job in market management , Make false honey unable to gain a foothold in the market , From the perspective of consumers , Establish an orderly market order . In this way , Gradually expand the market of bee products , Seize the potential market .

With the improvement of people's living standards and the deepening understanding of bee products , In the future, the demand for bee products will increase continuously . In this general trend , If beekeepers can't change their breeding concept , Improve the quality of honey while ensuring the yield , In the future, it will be difficult to occupy a place in the bee product market , Being eliminated is inevitable ! in general , The market potential of bee products is huge in the future , If China's beekeeping industry wants to go international , We must seek a breakthrough , Improve the quality of honey , Using quality as the key to internationalization “ Stepping stone ”.


4,HaaS Technology helps bee farmers get rid of poverty and become rich

4.1, Supply chain service mode of production and marketing integration , Promote the technology closed loop of digital bee industry ecological chain

From the current domestic market situation , There is a lack of effective purchasing and feedback channels between beekeepers and consumers . Beekeepers urgently need to sell their good honey to consumers , And our consumers also need to buy authentic honey . But in between , But there are winding channels to buy , As a result, our consumers can't buy good honey . therefore , We need to get out of the old service model
come out , Think about a platform for beekeepers and consumers to build fast service feedback , Provide integrated supply chain service mode of production and marketing , Establishing a purchasing and evaluation system for beekeepers and consumers , It is beneficial for beekeepers to actively participate , Expand the scale of aquaculture , Promoting sustainable development of ecosystem , It can also help consumers buy more natural and high-quality honey , Promoting human nutrition and health .


4.2, Software and hardware integrated intelligent beehive

HaaS It is the concept of hardware as a service , Adopt the product and service of integration of software and hardware , Go deep into all walks of life , Deep data mining for demand side , Bring more practical value-added services .

After deeply understanding the pain points of the industry and the real needs of bee farmers , We work with our partners , For the industry to create a hardware and software integration of intelligent beehive . The beehive was officially released by the cloud habitat conference AI Beekeeping system , The system is expected to make the market more competitive in the future 30 Ten thousand Chinese bee farmers increase production 20%.HaaS The intelligent beehive system can realize the control of the traditional beehive “ Smart upgrade ”, Complete the measurement of the temperature inside the beehive , Adjust the temperature after real-time monitoring of humidity , The infrared counter at the mouth of the hive can record the number of bees entering and leaving the hive ,GPS And Beidou Positioning can realize the alarm of beehive movement , Avoid hive loss .


in other words , This is our set HaaS The intelligent beekeeping system solves many problems in our bee breeding , At the same time, it also solves the problem of consumers questioning the quality of honey , These two problems can be said to be the pain points of bee breeding industry for many years , From the perspective of business model design , Where there is pain, there must be business opportunities , And honey as a commodity , And it is a kind of commodity deeply loved by consumers .

In terms of this sales link , The problem for consumers is that they can't judge the quality of honey , and HaaS The intelligent beekeeping system uses big data method to monitor the maturity of honey in real time according to the actual time and quantity that bees need to collect , Ensure the maturity of honey , Can be said to put an end to the emergence of inferior honey and false honey , This alone , Its implied commercial value can be imagined .

From the beekeeper's point of view , Now beekeepers are most afraid of the bee's disease, enemy and queen , And that's the point HaaS The intelligent beekeeping system also monitors the living state of the bee colony , We can judge the normal situation of bee colony by bee activity data .

From the beekeeper's point of view , This can save us a lot of time , And it's very helpful for us to breed bees , It can reduce the loss as much as possible , So here HaaS Intelligent beekeeping system solves another business pain point , That's the pain point of beekeepers' colony management , This must be what beekeepers need , Since there is a need , There must be business opportunities .