According to foreign media reports , It is reported that Apple will launch the next generation of Apple headphones at a press conference in March AirPods 3. It's said that the next generation of entry-level AirPods The appearance will be similar to that on the market
AirPods Pro Very similar .

   There have been rumors that the entry-level AirPods 3 It looks like it will be the same as it is now AirPods Pro Very similar . Recently, the media released a report which is said to be AirPods 3
Photos of , Reveal what the next generation of Apple headphones will look like , What kind of function does it even have .

  AirPods 3 It does look like it AirPods Pro, Its charging box will also be better than AirPods The current charging box is wider and narrower , And AirPods Pro
The charging box is more similar , But it didn't AirPods Pro So wide . This leads to a problem , Apple will change the current situation AirPods Pro Can we distinguish them by design ?

  AirPods 3 And AirPods Pro The difference is that , The design of the cooling hole can balance the pressure , Make the earphone wear longer without discomfort .

   It's not clear yet AirPods 3 What will your earplugs look like . at present AirPods Pro With silicone earplugs , It's noise proof , And ordinary apple headphones AirPods
There is not . The latest AirPods 3 There are no earplugs in the picture , But the next generation of Apple headphones will provide earplugs

   But the report also claims unexpectedly ,AirPods 3 Will introduce AirPods Pro Unique space audio (Spatial Audio) function . This means that the user is in a compatible
iPad or iPhone
When you watch a movie or program on the Internet, you will get the multi-channel surround sound effect like a cinema . Space audio with dynamic head tracking technology , It can make users feel immersive anywhere in the space .

   If that's the case , that AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro The main difference will be AirPods Pro Active noise reduction function provided .

   The next generation of Apple headphones may be available as early as 2021 year 3
Monthly release , So consumers may not have to wait too long . Besides design , At present, the price and specific name of the next generation of Apple headphones are unknown . If the new product is current AirPods
A direct substitute for , So Apple will stick with it AirPods That's the name . But if the new headphones are between the current AirPods Pro and AirPods between , It could be
AirPods Plus Names like that .( Chen Chen )