Today Apple released iOS 14.5 Second beta , It brings some new functions , For example, new support 5 Languages Apple Pencil Handwritten .

   stay iPad Installed on the iPadOS 14.5 After beta , Users in these countries and regions can now write in their native language ,iPadOS Be able to translate words accurately . The enabling language can be accessed through the
“ set up ” application ——“ keyboard ” Partially completed .

   In this year's iOS 14 in , Apple has finally given users the ability to change their default browser and email . And now some of them are sharp eyed Reddit Netizens found , Apple now allows users to Siri
Voice command to change the default music player .

   Specifically, it is , If you pass Siri To play a song , Then it will automatically play in the service you choose .

   at present , If you want to Siri play Spotify A song on the Internet , Then the application must be specified in the command .

   But in iOS 14.5 newest Beta Version updating , When you first ask Siri When you play a song , It presents a list of installed music apps , And will remember your choice .

   stay 14.5 Beta Although there is no open option to change the default music player in the settings app , But it can be in Siri In the first settings of .

   Some users even speak up ,iOS It's a closed system , But from iOS 14 start , Also obviously felt the apple adjustment attitude , It's worth praising .

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