According to foreign media reports , Microsoft co founder Bill · Gates (Bill Gates) In an interview on Sunday, he said , Social media ban , Such as twitter to former US President Donald · Trump (Donald
Trump) The life ban of the people's Republic of China , There could be more divisions in the US .

   Gates said :“ Trump said a lot of questions 2020
The legitimacy of the general election , These words are very destructive . But social media banned him for life , It seems that we should also discuss the issue . We don't want to split , Let two parties have different social networks , They want to be on the same basis , Exchange different views or ideas .”

   Last month, twitter banned trump for good @realdonaldTrump account number , the reason being that “ There is a risk of further incitement to violence ”. before , Trump's supporters have been 1 month 6
March into the U.S. Capitol , Trying to upset the Senate against Joe · Biden (Joe Biden) Certification to win the presidential election . subsequently ,Facebook,Snapchat and Reddit
It also announced the closure of Trump's account indefinitely , But it did not announce whether it would be permanently banned .

   Gates said :“ Between the government and the well intentioned participants , We have to draw the line in some way , So we can keep the debate open , And avoid the harmful parts .”

   Gates was asked in the interview , If he is Facebook
Members of the supervisory committee , Will he let trump return to the platform . In this regard , Gates hinted that he would . He said :“ in my submission , At a certain moment , He may be allowed to return , Perhaps it should also be allowed to return .” Gates also suggested , If social media companies allow trump to return , They may label any of his false statements with a warning .

   Gates added :“ You know? , To a certain extent , People's interest in what he said may have declined a lot .”
Since being banned from twitter and other social media sites , There's been a lot less headlines about trump .( Little )

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