According to foreign media reports , German car maker Volkswagen said Sunday local time , The company is negotiating with major suppliers for possible damage claims from a shortage of car chips .

   Due to the shortage of chip delivery , Automakers around the world are closing assembly lines . This happens , To some extent, it is caused by the action of the former US President Trump's government to sanction China's key chip factories .

   The shortage of chips has affected the public , Ford , Subaru (Subaru Corp), Toyota , Nissan , Fiat Chrysler (Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles) And many other car manufacturers .

  “ For the public , The top priority is to minimize the impact of chip bottlenecks on production .” A Volkswagen spokesman said , The company hopes to work closely with suppliers to solve this problem .

   But a Volkswagen spokesman also said , Damage claims will also be reviewed with suppliers .

   As affected auto supplier , Bosch, the two largest enterprises in Germany (Bosch) And Continental (Continental), They rely on chip suppliers from Taiwan and other Asian countries .

   Industry sources said , Shortly after the outbreak of the new coronavirus led to the initial blockade , Volkswagen has informed its suppliers that , It is raising production to pre epidemic levels .

   however , Chipmakers are shifting production capacity to other high demand products , For example, consumer electronics , This is squeezing the production capacity of car chips .

   Germany 《 European auto weekly 》(Automobilwoche) The report said , Volkswagen is negotiating with chip replacement suppliers , But the worry is that it could lead to a rise in the price of car chips .

   According to the magazine , Volkswagen wants to make sure that Bosch and continental share the burden , And partly compensate the public for the extra costs .

   A Bosch spokesman said , The company is currently focusing on maintaining the supply chain as much as possible . Continental declined to comment .

   German Economy Minister Peter · Altemayer (Peter
Altmaier) Taiwan chipmakers have been urged , Help ease the chip shortage in the automotive industry , The shortage of chips has hindered Germany's nascent economic recovery from the epidemic .( Tianmen Mountain )