To counter Apple's new round of privacy measures ,Facebook Will no longer be required iPhone
The app developer provides the company with users' personal data for advertising . according to the estimation , Apple's privacy policy update may make Facebook Billions of dollars in advertising revenue .

   The social media giant has released a low-key update , Tell the app developer , They can now let users through their own Facebook
Log in to these apps with your account , And its information will not be used for advertising promotion against them .

  Facebook It will be announced this week 2020 Fourth quarter results , Sales are expected to grow 25%, Usage hit a record high . For a long time ,Facebook
Always use its login system integrated into thousands of other applications to collect data about people's use of smartphones , Enables it to track the same user across multiple services , And advertising to users of specific applications .

   however , These practices are being influenced by the upcoming iPhone Privacy update threat , The update will force the application to work with the Facebook
Before sharing data with advertising companies in , The pop-up window for user's consent is displayed first .

   Experts believe that , Up to 90% Will refuse to accept pop ups , This will overturn the free application economy , And make Facebook China's mobile advertising business is paralyzed .Facebook stay 2019
The latest data released in , Its mobile advertising accounts for the vast majority of revenue . Eric, mobile market analyst · Seifert (Eric Seufert) estimate , These changes are likely to make Facebook
Our quarterly revenue decreased 14%.

   Application subscription company RevenueCat Developer's contact David · Barnard (David Barnard) express ,Facebook There is no choice , You can only change the strategy , To avoid contact with
Account bound users choose not to be tracked , And then destroy thousands of applications overnight . Barnard said :“ The next few months will be crazy , It also shows how far-reaching an impact Apple's privacy policy update will have on thousands of apps .”

  Facebook The software development tools of have been widely used by application developers , Their login system makes it easier for them to attract new users , And give them access Facebook Powerful advertising tools .

   Application developers can Facebook and Instagram
Here comes the advertisement on the Internet “ location ” Their old users or users who don't log in often , Or use the app login to measure the success of their promotion . In exchange ,Facebook
You can use the same data to sell ads to other companies .Facebook The spokesman said , The company will still collect data , But it will be marked not for advertising .( Little )