“ Parallel universe ”, It's always been a science fiction concept , And now it seems , It seems to really exist !

   There's a theory to start with , It's dark matter “ Primary black hole ”, It's the beginning of the universe , The early black holes formed by the energy density difference in different parts of the universe , The difference is more than 50% You can go anywhere you like .

   Now? , Scientists from the Kavli Institute of cosmic physics and mathematics in Japan believe that , There are more than one ways to produce primary black holes , Except for the traditional point of view above , There's also an incredible way , That's what happened during the cosmic boom “ The universe ” Collapse .

   According to the inflation theory , After the big bang 10-36 Seconds to 10-32
second , Experienced an exponential expansion , And then it slows down , And in the process of this surge , Our universe has evolved a lot “ The universe ”.

   these ones here “ The universe ” A large number , Some of them didn't “ grow up ” It collapsed , And because there's a lot of energy in a very small space , It collapses into a black hole .

   The bigger ones “ The universe ”, It will also become a black hole .

   According to the theory of relativity , If “ The universe ” The size of is more than a certain extent , It will enter a special state , It's an ordinary black hole from the outside , From the inside , It's like a normal expanding universe , that is “ Parallel universe ”.

   of course , We don't see that “ Parallel universe ” The internal structure of , At least not in the current theoretical framework , They're black holes , Have your own “ Horizon ”.

   But the researchers claim , They've already won the first with “ Parallel universe ” Observations on primary black holes .

   Based on the gravitational lens effect of black hole , They use “ Pleiades cluster telescope ” Observation findings , There could be a moon of mass “ Parallel universe ” black hole , And that's it , It causes the brightness of a star in Andromeda galaxy to increase rapidly in a short time .

   This research seems a bit of a myth , But many of today's discoveries are in the past , How many fantasies are there ?