last year 9 month 2 day , Words ROG Released a high-end electronic competition router , Equipped with 2.5Gbps Of LAN Port and power amplifier , The three frequency concurrency rate is achieved
11000Mbps, More importantly, this router or industry flashlight support Wi-Fi 6E Standard router products .

   Many people will wonder Wi-Fi 6E What is it? ? It's the same as what we've used in general Wi-Fi  What's the difference? ? Today I will take you to know the latest news Wi-Fi  technology .

   What is? WI-FI 6?

   In the introduction Wi-Fi 6E Before , We have to figure out what's the meaning first Wi-Fi 6.

   So called Wi-Fi 6 It refers to the third party 6 Next generation wireless network technology , Now our home router is widely used Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 technology .

   Many people will ask , similarly Wi-Fi, What's the difference between them ?

   The first is speed , Every time the network technology is upgraded , The first thing to improve is the transmission speed . that Wi-Fi 6 How much speed has it increased , Take the current commonly used Wi-Fi 5
To compare .

   at present Wi-Fi 5 The theoretical maximum transmission speed of is 6.9Gpbs, The fastest speed of single flow is 867Mbit/s and Wi-Fi 6 The transmission speed will be increased to 9.6Gpbs.

   But yes Wi-Fi6 It's not about speed that matters , It's technological innovation ,OFDM Application and application of OFDM Technology MU-MIMO Two technologies make
Wi-Fi  Provide stable network connection experience for devices in the scenario of multi device connection .

   Now in our lives , More and more devices need to connect to the network , Except for mobile phones , computer , television , recreational machines , Even the refrigerator , Washing machines and other household appliances are connected Wi-Fi  The needs of .

   Many devices are connected at the same time Wi-Fi network , The most intuitive experience is that the Internet speed is slowing down .

   such as , You are downloading movies from your computer , So in the same place Wi-Fi Under the smart TV broadcast line, there will be a high-definition movie in the process of Caton , Smart washing machines connected to the Internet will be delayed when they are controlled by mobile phones .

   It's like a road , If there's a lot of traffic coming together , The end result is congestion .Wi-Fi The same is true of the use of the Internet .

   In order to make Wi-Fi Access to more devices , We need to keep the network bandwidth running smoothly . So in Wi-Fi 6 I'm in MU-MIMO technology , Improved Wi-Fi
Network efficiency , In the environment of connecting multiple devices, the transmission speed is also smooth and stable .

  MU-MIMO As Wi-Fi 6 One of the most important features , The characteristic is to improve the throughput and total capacity of the network , Extended data transmission channel , Improve network resource utilization and performance .

   Too many connected devices will slow down the network speed , The main reason is that the previous network protocol can only establish communication with devices one by one , Once the equipment is involved too much , Devices without access to the network will queue up for access , Although there is no access to the network , But it will also occupy a communication channel , The bandwidth of the network becomes narrow , The network naturally becomes congested .

   In addition, the communication equipment is allocated based on the average of the total broadband of the router , According to the principle of one device at a time ,100MHz Simultaneous access of broadband devices 3 If it's a device , Each device has only
33.3MHz Bandwidth of , So in the same place Wi-Fi Within the network , More connected devices , The less network resources the device allocates , The network speed will slow down .

   And in MU-MIMO
The router can establish communication with multiple terminals at the same time , Collaborative work , And the signals of the devices will not interfere with each other , And the frequency resources allocated by each device will not be discounted , Can obtain complete data flow , Make the best use of network resources , In this way, when we use multiple devices to access the Internet, the network speed is naturally very smooth , There won't be any catons .

   stay Wi-Fi 6 Another important technology in this field is OFDMA
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology , Under this technology, multiple devices can be transmitted at the same time , There is no need to wait and scramble for signals between devices , Improve the efficiency of the network , The delay of device connection is reduced .

   In a nutshell , former Wi-Fi in , Compare three terminals to three people , Although the destinations are different, they are all on the way , But we didn't know each other, so we had to call each other to go to the destination .

   In this way, we can do something “ vehicle ” The assigned router needs to be assigned three “ vehicle ” To pick up three passengers . Although some equipment communication distance and time is very small , But always occupy a lane on the road , More than one equipment , The road becomes crowded .

   And in Wi-Fi lower OFDMA
Technology allows three terminals to communicate “ carpooling ”, Put them in the same car “ vehicle ” upper , Then you can get off at your destination . In this form, the signal channel crowding is reduced , The network is naturally more smooth .

   Said so much , that Wi-Fi 6 E and Wi-Fi 6 What's the difference between them ?

  Wi-Fi 6E More than one E, It represents “Extended” Extended meaning . In the original 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz In addition to the new frequency band, a new one is added 6GHz Frequency band .

   What are the advantages of the new band ?

   In the modern family , There are often multiple devices occupying broadband resources , And each device has different requirements for broadband ,2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
When frequencies are mixed together, intelligent sensors will appear , Low demand devices such as intelligent terminals seize bandwidth resources , For mobile phones , computer , Smart TV bandwidth requirements of higher devices will affect the network connection experience .

   And brand new 6Ghz The frequency is relatively idle , And can provide 7 A continuous 160MHz frequency band , It has very high performance .

   And it won't work with you 2.4Ghz,5Ghz Interference between frequency bands . In the scenario of multi device connection, the connection frequency band can be allocated more reasonably .

   Devices like smart home devices that don't need to occupy bandwidth network can be allocated in 2.4Ghz perhaps 5Ghz Under frequency band . The mobile phone with high performance needs , Games and other devices are distributed in the 6Ghz
Under frequency band , Different equipment is what you need , No waste of network resources , At the same time to meet the needs of connecting to the network .

  Wi-Fi 6E So good , So is there a suitable application scenario in the future ? The answer, of course, is yes .

   First of all, in our home , More and more devices need to be connected to the network ,Wi-Fi 6E
Network resources can be allocated reasonably in multi band , Let each device get reasonable network resources , Avoid contention between devices for network bandwidth resources , It leads to the situation of stuck and high delay in home network .

   Except for the household sector , In business Wi-Fi 6E Play a bigger role .

   For example, at the airport , Experience field , Hotels and other public places will have a large number of equipment connection needs , original Wi-Fi The number of device connections carried by the protocol is limited , Unable to meet the needs of the public , stay Wi-Fi
6E In this way, the bandwidth capacity is improved .

  MU-MIMO,OFDMA It can realize the connection of multiple devices , Let the network carry the connection of more devices at the same time , Meet the user's equipment connection requirements in public places .

   In addition, low latency and high data throughput can also improve the experience of next generation multimedia applications , such as Google Released cloud game platform
Stadia, The game is mainly set to run in the cloud , Then transfer the picture to the player's screen , In this way, players can enjoy high quality games without high configuration computers .

   Although the ideal is very beautiful , But cloud games require a very high throughput of network data . And in order to ensure the smooth operation of the player , Low latency network access is also needed .

   If these requirements cannot be met , The ultimate damage is the final experience of the game . and Wi-Fi 6E High data volume and low latency can just solve the above two pain points , Accelerate the implementation of all kinds of high demand network applications .

   of course Wi-Fi 6E It's not perfect , Higher signal frequency will further weaken the signal penetration , This is determined by physical characteristics .

   In addition, the new 6Ghz The frequency band also increases the power of the router , bring Wi-Fi 6E More routers than Wi-Fi 6 Routers consume more power .

   at present Wi-Fi 6E Frequency band due to less equipment set , So there are some advantages in speed and anti-jamming . But with the popularity of technology and support equipment, the future is coming 6Ghz
There will be diffraction interference in the frequency band , Thus the transmission speed of wireless network is affected .

  Wi-Fi 6 E As a new generation of network technology , It will still improve our wireless network access experience , Especially for multi terminal device connection , Compared with the promotion speed, it is more in line with our actual needs .

   Starting this year Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi  6E Related products will be launched in large quantities , If you choose the equipment, you can judge according to the actual use and the number of home connection terminals .