At the beginning of the article, six star education wants to ask a question :PHP What do you do ? Because this is a question that will be asked in the interview , Although it looks simple . The answer to do website , That is, the level of a simple station .

Answer the question of website back-end development , Yes PHP Have a certain understanding . Back end processing , Have a deeper understanding .

Learn one skill , You have to know what this skill does first , That's all , I think everyone will simply say that it is a website , because PHP stay WEB It is widely used in many fields , Most websites use PHP What did you do . To be exact PHP Is to do the back-end development of the website , Actually, I'm not quite right ,PHP Just do back-end development , But it's not just websites .

It's like it's hot now APP Development can also be used PHP Do back-end processing .PHP Compared with other languages , It's simple , Relatively easy to use , It is more suitable for people with zero foundation , But like I said above ,PHP Only completed a website or part of the system . A running website or software system can be divided into front-end pages , back-end program , database ,linux.

Many people want to master a technology , Want to learn PHP development , It's not just the broad prospects of the industry , It is the temptation of high salary . How to do it , Only in a relatively short period of time to effectively master PHP Development technology ? No matter before learning or doing anything , We should have a general understanding of what we are going to do , study PHP It's the same with development .

first , It's just getting to know PHP Development information of the whole industry , Including the demand of enterprises PHP Job requirements , Industry development trend and so on , We should have a good idea , Set goals for yourself , Determine the enterprise category to enter , Target development cities, etc .

secondly , What we should do is to analyze our own strength and ability , According to the actual situation to develop a complete learning plan , And then force yourself to finish it within the prescribed time .

about PHP For learners , It can be divided into two kinds , One is to have a certain technical foundation , Want to go deeper ; There is no other PHP Learning foundation , Want to work in this industry through learning . Either way , Make a learning goal and schedule for yourself , This is conducive to the efficient completion of their own learning purposes .

third , And the most important thing is to determine the way of learning , Put the previous plan into practice , The above two points are to achieve the goal smoothly .

The way of learning is nothing more than self-study and choosing a training institution , about PHP In terms of learning , Most people will choose training institutions , There is no need to say more about this , After all, it's hard to be effective in learning technology by yourself .

fourth , Choose a reliable training institution , Not only depends on its teachers , What's more, it depends on their qualifications and the services they can provide . Here you can see six star education . Six star education was founded in 2016 year , Is a company focusing on the cultivation of Chinese Internet IT Professional online training institutions for professionals . Currently open 10 Top courses :PHP,C/C++, Game development ,Python, Traditional Chinese painting , software test , big data ,WEB front end , Wechat development , Employment guidance and other courses .

Six Star Education , Honors include :2017 Famous in IT Education brand ,2018,2019,2020 Tencent classroom programming language category certification authority , Tencent classroom creation 101 Rocket agency Award , Tencent 2018 Echo the influential brands of online education in China ,2019 Tencent classroom education breakthrough Award ,2019 year 9 In May, it was awarded the high tech enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology .
at present , Six Star Education VIP Trainees have broken through 2W+ people , Nearly 30% VIP After learning, the trainees enter the first-line Internet and other large enterprises .