Almost all novices have just come into contact Linux Time , Will be confused by its many releases , up to now ,Linux There are already hundreds of releases ……

Technically ,Linux Just a kernel , The kernel refers to a device that provides device drivers , file system , Process management , System software for network communication and other functions , It is not a complete operating system . Some organizations or manufacturers will
Linux The kernel is packaged with various software and documentation , And provide system installation interface and system configuration , Setting and management tools , It constitutes Linux Release version of .

In hundreds Linux In version ,CentOS and Ubuntu It should be the two most famous . Both professionals and beginners , Usually choose one of the two . meanwhile , This selection
CentOS still Ubuntu It is also a problem that we often discuss . Today we will introduce the characteristics and differences between the two .


CentOS It is a community supported enterprise operating system , to 2004 Released in . Many people call it red hat enterprise Linux(RHEL) Copy of , It is also considered to be the most widely used in enterprises .

It is highly customizable , Safety and stability , This is also worth appreciating . And RHEL The close relationship between CentOS
Able to have a considerable number of enterprise security updates , This makes it a safe choice for every user .


Ubuntu be based on Debian framework , since 2004 Since its first release in ,Ubuntu
It has always been a popular candidate for personal and professional users . It is open source , And update frequently to remove any identified errors . It has rich software package groups and functions , Able to meet the requirements of any project .

Ubuntu Comes with a large number of applications .Ubuntu The software center has more than 40,000 Applications ! in addition , The operating system is highly customizable , And has first-class safety function .

CentOS vs Ubuntu Differences :

Experience it yourself :

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