Why do computer majors need to participate in the major after graduation java What about training ?

We all know that , Training is different from the traditional education mode , The process of systematically learning a particular skill . Common training is cooking , Calligraphy , Dance and computer technology , Children's training aims to discover and cultivate children's interests and hobbies , And helping children broaden their horizons , Promote children's divergent thinking . And for graduates , Job seekers , On the training of the people who transfer from the job to the job , It aims to enable trainees to master a technical skill , And enter a certain industry to seek better survival and development .

The computer major students also participated Java Is the training course useful ?

participate in Java Is the training class useful ? The answer is yes , If you want to enter Java The ranks of programmers , And go all the way to programmers , Then attend Java Training is definitely necessary , Through systematic training and learning , To have a comprehensive understanding of this skill , If you just want to learn to write Java program , Then you don't have to attend training , You can find a small one on the Internet demo And then implement it locally , But if you want to learn to write Java Code at the same time , Can do well again Java software development , And aspire to be junior Java Engineer arrives Java Senior engineers and even architects' career planning , Need to pay enough energy and labor , And the study of the training class will make you become a primary entry-level at the same time , Also let you master the direction of study and improvement , The right direction , Plus constant learning , Will eventually from ordinary developers to skilled developers and outstanding developers .

How to treat the present correctly Java Training institutions ?

Current market Java There are numerous training institutions , Take Changsha as an example Java For example, training institutions , More than ten families, large and small , And whether it's entry-level or advanced, it's necessary to pay a certain training fee , Higher learning costs , As well as the learning process of the total cost of a large number of things , But you can apply for learning before you pay , After working, we will settle the tuition by installments . There are many students with zero basic knowledge who can find a job after learning for a long time , So I think the training has been cheated , But think about why the same class of students just graduated can get a good job opportunities , Are you inferior to them ? in the final analysis , Programmers are jobs that depend on technology , It's not to say that I can be competent for this position after taking part in the training , It's a solid learning of technical knowledge , And then work on it , So that their wages and benefits continue to improve .

Conclusion : Want to learn a skill and be competent for the corresponding job requirements , It is a good choice to learn through the training course system .