Scientists have identified one of the oldest planetary systems ever discovered . The planetary system has a star called TOI-561b Rocky planet , Around a star 100
Hundred million years of stellar movement . The star is more than twice the age of the sun , The researchers said , This suggests that planets have been formed since the early days of the universe .

  TOI-561b It's about the size of the earth 1.5
times , Make it a star “ Super earth ”. One of the most interesting aspects of this planet is , It orbits its star more than twice in one earth day . It runs so fast , Because it's very close to the host star .

  “ Super earth ” The chances of being livable are small . It is believed to have a surface temperature higher than 1700
centigrade . Another interesting thing about this planet is that , Its density is very low relative to its size . It's three times the mass of the earth , But it's the same density as our planet . The scientists said , This shows that
TOI-561b Very old .

   Ancient planets have less metal and other heavy elements , So the density is low . Heavy elements are produced inside stars , Because as stars age, they explode into supernovae . Supernova explosions distribute elements into the surrounding space , These elements were incorporated into the planet when it was formed . In the early universe , The number of stellar explosions is less , As a result, planets formed with fewer heavy elements inside .

  TOI-561b It is one of the oldest rocky planets ever discovered . researcher Lauren Weiss express ,TOI-561b The existence of the rock planet proves that the rock planet almost came from the earth 140
The universe began to form 100 million years ago . This planet is using NASA (NASA)TESS Task based data discovery , And take advantage of Hawaii W.M.Keck It was confirmed by the observatory .