According to foreign media TechCrunch report ,GitHub
According to an internal survey conducted by , The company made a mistake in firing a Jewish employee “ Major judgments and procedural errors ”, The employee reminded colleagues of the presence of Nazis in Washington on the day of the US Capitol riots .

   Sunday GitHub chief operating officer Erica Brescia
In the blog , The person in charge of the human resources department of the company is fully responsible for what happened , He resigned from the company on Saturday .GitHub The names of those who resigned were not disclosed , But it's well known ,Carrie
Olesen yes GitHub Chief Human Resources Officer .

   In a tweet released on Saturday ,GitHub Senior director, global human resources services Gia Colosi Some comments were made on the company and human resources . This tweet has since been deleted .

   In a later tweet , She continued :“ Women do HR Just to clean up the mess for men . I have had enough of it , I'm tired, too .”

   meanwhile ,GitHub It means it has “ The decision to leave the company with the employee was withdrawn ”, And is talking to his representative .

  “ To the employee , We want to say it publicly : We sincerely apologize .” Brescia Said in the blog .

   The dismissed employee said before , He's here Slack
In a comment published in :“ Guys, be safe , Here comes the Nazis ” after , A colleague expressed dissatisfaction , It's not good for work to say that . Two days later , He was fired , Representative of human resources department
“ Behavior patterns that are not conducive to corporate policies ” As a reason for his dismissal .

   Accepted earlier this week TechCrunch
In my interview , The employee said , Except for his Jewish family , He's really worried about his colleagues in the area . In that interview , He said he would not be interested in re-entry , But will be interested in other forms of reconciliation .

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