I haven't blogged for a long time , I've been lazy writing recently , The technical papers can't be written , Only make complaints about the status quo. , Record daily account .

<> Bookkeeping

I wonder if you have the habit of keeping accounts , Since I came to Beijing, I have kept accounts every day

I'm really living in Beijing

It's not easy to save money , The method of throttling is always limited , No way to open source , Most of the people in the north are bitter, aren't they

To be reasonable, I reflected on the year when I came to Beijing , Save as much as you can , Naturally, the quality of life is not high , I usually stay at home, play games and watch plays , Never go out to play , Because it costs a lot of money to go out and play once ( And no one went out with me )

Beijing is such a lonely city

Because I haven't graduated in the first half of the year , Internship salary 3000, I didn't ask my parents for a cent , On the monthly basis 3000 The wages held up , For half a year , Imagine it 3000 How much money is in Beijing

I think it's a good habit to keep accounts , It allows you to review your past income and expenses , It allows you to reflect , Alert .

<> house-moving

I changed my house last weekend , Finally moved out 4 It's a square meter balcony ( One bed, one table ), Almost a year ,3000 Wages naturally cannot rent a good house , Through the winter without heating , Through the summer without air conditioning , Through the inspection of illegal rental housing during the moving trouble . The landlord said the economy was in a slump this year , House prices will fall , He has to sell the house quickly , So there's no way to renew it . If you can , I can have another year .

Changed to a regular second bedroom , Have to say , It's really comfortable to live in a bigger room , After I moved, I felt that I had to live in the same place , The price is that the monthly rent is 1000 more than before , I still have to live in Beijing , Will it be better? …

Asked a few company colleagues , Their house is also due , Then they all changed into compartments , The rent is more than 1000 yuan , I asked them that their wages are not low now , Why don't you find a better house to live in . They say that if you can save, you will save , I can bear the pain ...

How can the word "easy" exist in the adult world

<> change

I am 22 How old are you , Why is life so humble , You shouldn't go out with your friends , Look at the outside world ?

I haven't bought any new clothes for a long time , We need to go to the stores with high cost performance , Buy some new clothes to dress up !

I haven't been out for a long time , I've got the annual ticket of Beijing Happy Valley with my friends , I'm going to go to it 100 second !

I haven't had a big meal for a long time , Ask some friends out to get together , Drinking and chatting !

I haven't seen a movie for a long time , Go to the night alone !

It's been a long time … It's been a long time …

<> Come on !