2020 year 9 month 9 day

   I believe many people have seen the recent swipe screen article , Many people sympathize with the situation of the peddler . Corresponding , Many people also aimed their guns at meituan , Even aimed at the scheduling system ( And the engineer who developed the system ), Think it's just algorithmic “ cold-blooded ”, It's a tragic situation for the riders .

   But based on my years of software development experience , What I can say for sure is : Squeezing riders , It's not a system .

   exactly , No matter what system , It's all designed by engineers . No matter what kind of engineer , The methodology of design system is basically the same , This is what I preached repeatedly in my previous work , System design cannot be generalized , There is no panacea , There's only one thing that matters : The optimal solution is obtained under the constraint conditions . Once the constraints are clear , The system design is done “ Hunting ”, It's basically a step-by-step process .

   I've been involved in designing a variety of systems , Even if it's the same type of system , As long as the constraints are different , The final form may be quite different . For example, sometimes memory is limited , We should take the complex calculation apart , Complete in several steps ; Sometimes the Internet speed is limited , We should compress the data , And the priority of transmission is given ; There are times when time is limited , You have to upgrade the equipment or add more machines ; Sometimes you have to go online on time , So it doesn't matter if the usability is a little bit worse ; Sometimes security has to be absolutely guaranteed , So it's okay to have a poor experience ……

   Or rather , System design is like walking a maze , The constraint is yes “ Run into a wall ” Of , Where the resistance is infinite , To get out of the maze , Don't touch your head , It's not going to hit a wall , Try to find a way where the resistance is small .

   The above is simple , It's not easy to do . Many systems are designed without specifying constraints at all , There are demands that seem impossible to back down , There is likely to be a lot of room for discounts . There are also some requirements that are not very impressive or even unthinkable , But it has become a roadblock .

   It is precisely because of the different constraints , It's what caused the problem “ game ” Different , So even if it's the same job , There will be totally different arrangements —— Now I work in Europe , There are two things , I was particularly impressed .

   The first is about the eight hour system .

   What Europe advocates is “ work - Life balance ”, So the eight hour system is a matter of course for most people , Still . My superiors have repeatedly stressed to me , When arranging work for the team , Try not to arrange overtime if you can . According to the law , One hour overtime pay is normal working hours
150%, So it's better to hire more people than to work overtime , Try to solve it within eight hours .

   however , How to finish the work without working overtime ? at home , Everyone is used to it “ No pain, no gain. ”, working hours , Or the supply of human resources , Never a constraint , It's like water in a sponge , There will be a steady stream of them . Now it's a rigid constraint , What should I do ?

   It took me a long time to realize that , The Germans are used to it “ eight-hour day ” It's not lazy , No matter how full the schedule is within eight hours , But never more than eight hours . This means that planning has to be thought twice , Make sure that every minute of the employee's work is fully utilized . More careful planning is needed , More detailed analysis , More rigorous logic .

   I'm used to it when I look back “ Fire first, then aim ”, It's a luxury way to work . Many projects, knowing that they are not feasible, dare not discuss them openly , Many of the proposals were hastily launched without a clear argument , Many designs can't get rid of “ Patch after online ” The fate of …… But I also know , such “ extravagant ” It's just a luxury in Europe , After all, the constraints are not the same .

   The second is about workers' rights .

   Once I was talking about work with an employee who had a good relationship , Because the task is quite tense , Although he has applied for annual leave , I hope he can understand the company's difficulties , Be able to arrange for compensatory leave , Or take a few more days off later .

   I thought it was reasonable , There should be no problem . I don't know he's down , Tell me the truth :

   exactly , We are friends . And I know that , Resources are really tight these days . But you have to know , It's my right to take annual leave , This is protected by law . Although we have a good relationship , But you have no right to force me to give up that right . There are difficulties with the company , That's your responsibility first , It's something you need to think about . Sacrificing my rights is not your option .

   Although I usually advocate “ Speak up ”, But it's so direct , It's the first time for me . At this time, we can't persuade them “ There is everyone, there is a small home ”, We can't refuse to refute it “ Don't be too naive ”, I can only admit that what the other side said is reasonable , Think of something else for yourself .

   After that, we have a similar incident , I try to figure it out before I talk , How is the law regulated , What rights does the other party have . Although it looks boring at first , But I don't feel so upset when I get used to it —— Find out where the constraints are , At the same time, it makes clear where the opportunity lies , As long as you keep your head on the ground , Instead of just sitting around and talking about things , There is always a way out .

   Now we go back to the miserable situation of the rider . I insist , The root of the problem is not the cold blood of engineers , It's not the ruthlessness of capital , Tapping the potential , It must be in the direction of the weakest constraint .

   In front of the shortening delivery time , Riders can only risk their lives by speeding , Rush to the road , Retrograde , And in the event of an accident , The previous monthly deduction of insurance has not been found …… These bloody tragedies , Why is there not much binding force ?

   Don't face the problem directly , More discussion and appeal , It's all pale .