Microsoft is the biggest news in the game circle 510 Billion acquisitions ZeniMax Media And its multiple Studios , among ,id Software
Co founder of the studio John · Camark seems to be very supportive of the acquisition .

   He thinks Microsoft will be a good host , And I don't have a holiday with myself , And said he might be able to re engage in his current project .

   Camark said he would be able to re engage in his current project

   Created by union 《 Wolfenstein 3D》,《 Doom 》 and 《 Hammer of thunder 》 And famous legend developer John kamarker , stay 2009 year id Software cover ZeniMax
After acquisition , It was ZeniMax One of .

   But in 2013 year , Carmark is focused on VR Development and id Software part company each going his own way , And then joined Oculus.

   One year later ZeniMax Yes Oculus Bring a lawsuit , accuse Oculus Used ZeniMax Intellectual property rights to develop Oculus Rift Head equipment .

   subsequently ,ZeniMax Direct charges of the theft of thousands of internal documents and an internal development component by mark at the time of his resignation ; Carmark, by prosecution ZeniMax default id Software
2250 Million dollars to respond ZeniMax The charge of .

   This matter is 2018 The dust of the year has settled , But you can imagine that something that's hard to solve will continue .

   There is still a lot of unknowns about the deal , Including how the integrated management structure will work , however Bethesda vice president Pete Hines
In a blog post :“ We will still work with other studios to develop the same games as before , And these games will be released by us .”

   This could be a big blow to kamakh's enthusiasm , But on the other hand , Kamakh returns id It's going to be a headline at any time .