Ps menu : Filter / vague / Surface blur

Filter/Blur/Surface Blur

This paper introduces the method of using surface blur filter to grind skin .

The basic idea is : Use the surface blur filter to blur the skin ( Moulting ), Using high contrast filter to restore skin texture ( texture ).

explain : The calculation intensity of surface fuzzy filter is high , Especially for large files, it takes a long time .

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General steps and instructions

1, Fix defects before blurring .

First, use stain repair brush tools to remove skin defects , Including broken hair , Obvious spots and lines, etc .

explain : It is recommended to remove the defects on the new blank layer .

2, Stamp layer , And named it “ Moulting ”.

Shortcut key :Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt  + Shift + E .

3, duplicate layer ( Shortcut key :Ctrl/Cmd  + J ), Named “ texture ”. Yes “ texture ” Layer decolor ( Shortcut key :Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + U), Then hide the layer .

4, Select “ Moulting ” layer , Convert to smart objects , implement Ps menu : Filter / vague / Surface blur .

Parameter description :

-- radius Radius

Specifies the size of the blur sampling area .

-- threshold Threshold

It controls the difference between the color scale value of adjacent pixels and that of the center pixel .

Pixels whose color difference is less than the threshold will be blurred , Those above the threshold are not blurred . And USM The threshold in sharpening filter is opposite .

The higher the threshold , The more obvious the blur effect is .

General operation method of surface blur filter

(1) First, increase “ threshold ” To the maximum .

(2) Then lower it “ radius ”, Until you can see the basic outline .

(3) And then back down “ threshold ”, Until the edge of the main contour becomes clear and the skin is blurred .

5, display “ texture ” layer , And convert to intelligent objects , Change the layer mode to “ superposition ”. next , implement Ps menu : Filter / other / high pass . Adjust radius value , Until the details show .

6, choice “ texture ” Layers and “ Moulting ” layer , Organize ( Shortcut key :Ctrl/Cmd + G), Named “ Moulting ”, Double click to enter layer style .

7, Use the “ Mixed color band ”, Make sure the sharpening range is in the middle , Please refer to the figure below .

8, Create a black mask on a layer group , Select the white brush tool to wipe out the area to be skinned .

9, According to the actual situation , Adjust the filter values of surface blur and high contrast retention again , Until you get the best results .

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