According to media reports, Qualcomm has been licensed to supply chips to China , But only 4G chip , This is actually a limited meaning for Huawei , It is not conducive to the development of Huawei mobile phone .

In overseas market ,4G There is a big market for mobile phones , Samsung , The main mobile phones sold by apple and other Chinese mobile brands in the market outside China are 4G mobile phone , This is because there are only limited commercial markets in the overseas market 5G network .

China has entered 5G times , Six mobile phones sold in China have become 5G mobile phone , With support 5G Of iPhone12 list ,5G The share of mobile phones in the domestic mobile market will rise to more than 70% , Left to 4G The space for mobile phones is already quite limited .

Qualcomm is licensed to supply to China 4G Mobile phone chip , This means Huawei can sell it in overseas markets 4G mobile phone , However, Huawei's sales of mobile phones in overseas markets continue to shrink , The main reason is that it has obstacles to working with Google, which has Android systems , Huawei mobile phone can not carry Google GMS service , Lack of Google GMS Huawei mobile phone service is difficult to obtain support from overseas consumers .

It's because Huawei's mobile phone is struggling with Google , It has shifted its focus back to domestic markets since the third quarter of last year , And the proportion of mobile phones sold in domestic market accounts for nearly 70% of the total number of mobile phones shipped , It can be said that its development in domestic market is the hope of survival .

But as mentioned above , Domestic market has entered 5G times ,4G The proportion of mobile phones in the domestic mobile market will be only about 30% , The future follows 5G The price of mobile phones has further fallen to less than 1000 yuan ,4G Mobile phone will shrink further in the domestic mobile market , So even if Qualcomm supplies to China 4G Mobile phone chip , It doesn't make much sense for Huawei's mobile phones .

Industry consensus , With the decline of Huawei mobile phone , Millet will replace Huawei to enter the top three of the world , Data in the third quarter showed that the shipments of Xiaomi mobile phones jumped by more than 40% year on year , The gap between the two has been shortened to less than 10% , Even if Qualcomm supplies to China 4G Mobile phone chip , It seems that it can't stop this trend , It seems that Huawei mobile phone fell out of the top three in the world in the fourth quarter, which is inevitable .

2019 The proportion of mobile phone business contribution to Huawei's revenue in the year has exceeded half , It can be said that mobile phone business has become Huawei's main business , Huawei mobile phone shipments fell more than 20% year on year in the third quarter of this year , If Huawei continues to shrink , The blow to Huawei will be relatively large .


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