Gather micro network message , Telecommunications Research Organization Cambridge Wireless Refusing to succumb to British political consensus , And cooperated with Huawei to establish the latest 5G joint venture .

   They will establish a private property in the Cambridge Science Park, which is owned by Cambridge University 5G network . Its purpose is to CW The community provides a testing environment , So that they can 5G
Use of technology to support autopilot , Clean energy and remote surgery applications .

  “ We have been working hard for CW Members provide value ,” CW CEO Simon · Mead (Simon
Mead) say .“ As the site of the world's most advanced R & D ecosystem , Cambridge is in a great position to lead the next generation of wireless technology , We are very happy to promote this program with our partners .

  “ We want to bring something unique to the science park , To accelerate the application and development of this technology .” We invite aspiring businesses to participate , Through three years of exciting cooperation with Huawei , We will support them
5G A journey of innovation .”

   Vice president of Huawei Victor Zhang say :“ Cambridge ecosystem is recognized as a global technology leader . We are happy to work with the talent and vision in this ecosystem .” “ We want to allow it
Cambridge Wireless Members use our state-of-the-art equipment , And the market has reached a new height , Including China and other countries .

   Our commitment to the UK and the industry as a whole remains unchanged . We will continue to provide our partners with our expertise and technology , To promote connectivity and innovation .”

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