Experts in this paper : Zuo xiuhai , People's Hospital of Huimin County, Shandong Province , Attending physician of ICU

   Review of this paper : Gu Yanli , National Cardiovascular Center , Deputy chief physician, cardiac rehabilitation center, Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

   Winter is coming , The weather is getting colder and colder .

   Every autumn and winter , One of the most popular things for middle-aged and elderly people —— infusion , It's just the beginning .

   Even a lot of young people , The elders are also encouraged to have regular infusion , In order to achieve the purpose of vascular access and health .

   This is not an example , The doctors were all talking : It's a real trap .

   Transfusion in autumn and winter to dredge blood vessels , Prevention of cerebral infarction ? There's toxins in the blood vessels , garbage , Regular cleaning is required ?

  “ Patency ” Is it really that amazing ? It's time to know the truth .

   How can a good blood vessel block up ?

   The causes of vascular obstruction are usually the following :

  - Thrombosis

   The most common cause of infarction is the interruption of arterial blood flow or insufficient perfusion caused by vascular thrombosis .

  - Arterial embolism

   Most of them are arterial thromboembolism , It can also be gas , amniotic fluid , Fat embolism, etc .

  - Arterial spasm

   On the basis of severe atherosclerosis or hemorrhage in sclerotic foci , The arteries can be intense , Persistent spasm , Cause blood flow interruption , It usually occurs in the coronary artery of the heart .

  - vessel pressed

   If the tumor oppresses the adjacent blood vessels , Trauma causes local edema, compression of blood vessels, etc , Cause blood flow to stop , Cause local tissue necrosis .

   The blood vessel is blocked , Is it really scientific to rely on infusion to dredge blood vessels ?

   Transfusion to dredge blood vessels in autumn and winter , Science ?

   Here comes the answer ! This is really not scientifically researched !

   At present, there is no scientific research to prove that infusion is useful , And no studies have shown that a drug can dredge blood vessels , The role of disease prevention .

   in addition , One more thing to know , Infusion of blood vessels will not remove the above causes of vascular obstruction .

   contrary , Blind infusion may also bring some harm to the body .

  - Induced heart failure

   Old people's heart function declines , Some suffer from heart diseases , A large number of rapid intravenous infusion will rapidly increase blood volume in a short time , Increase heart burden , Cause heart failure , Serious and potentially life-threatening .

  - Damage to liver and kidney

   Drugs entering the body , Most of them pass through the liver , Excreted by renal metabolism , Unreasonable infusion increased the burden of liver and kidney , May cause damage to liver and kidney function .

  - Allergic reaction

   Many drugs can cause allergic reactions , Some even cause anaphylactic shock in a short time , Life threatening .

   Pat and massage to dredge blood vessels , Is it reliable ?

   It's very clear , There is no scientific reason for this .

   Pat and pat , It really relaxes tired muscles , It's relaxing , But it will not dredge the blood vessels .

   People with venous thrombosis , On the contrary, it may cause thrombosis to fall off due to tapping and massage , Embolization of arteries , Cause pulmonary embolism , Cerebral infarction and other serious diseases .

   in addition , Patting and massage may also damage the laminar flow of normal blood , Produce whirlpool , Let the platelets enter the side stream , Increase the chance of contact with intima and the possibility of adhesion to intima , So as to increase the possibility of thrombosis .

   Can blood vessels really be opened ?

   The cause of cerebral infarction is usually a thrombus blocking the arteries that supply the brain , It is caused by local hypoxia and necrosis of brain tissue .

   Thrombosis causing cerebral infarction , At the beginning of the disease 6 hour , especially 4.5 There is a chance to be dredged within hours , Methods include intravenous thrombolysis , Arterial thrombolysis , Endovascular interventional therapy, etc .

   But the most important thing is to go to the hospital the first time , Receive standard treatment , It's not a simple infusion of blood vessels .

   There's rubbish in the blood vessels , toxin ?

   There is another way :“ There's rubbish in the blood vessels , toxin , Regular scheduling is required ?”

   Blood runs through the blood vessels , Blood consists of plasma and blood cells suspended in it , The basic components of plasma are water and a variety of electrolytes dissolved in it , Small molecule organic compounds and some gases , And plasma protein .

   The waste produced by metabolism of human body is transported to corresponding organs for excretion through blood , There is no need for outside intervention .

   therefore , There is no other garbage or toxin deposition in human blood vessels , There is no need for regular cleaning through external measures .

   What is the transfusion ?

   first , The most common infusion is normal saline or glucose injection , These two liquids are generally solvents for other intravenous medications , In addition to replenishing fluid , Electrolyte and energy , It has no other pharmacological effect , Let alone dredge the blood vessels .

   secondly , It is a kind of medicine with the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis .

   Such as Xuesaitong for injection , Ligustrazine Hydrochloride for injection , Alprostadil injection, etc , They are usually used as adjuvant drugs for the treatment of cerebral infarction .

   How to protect vascular health ?

  - Develop good living habits

   Low salt and low fat diet , Drink moderate amount of water every day , Reduce fat intake , Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables .

  - Controlling blood pressure

   according to the statistics , Hypertension patients and the same age , Compared with those without hypertension of the same sex , The former had earlier onset of atherosclerosis , And the lesions were more serious . Controlling blood pressure can effectively keep blood vessels healthy .

  - Never smoke

   Whether active or passive smoking , The relaxation function of vascular endothelium will be damaged . Endothelium relaxation is the standard of arterial health .

  - Exercise regularly

   Regular and moderate exercise can stimulate the contraction of vascular smooth muscle , Promoting blood flow , Change the state of blood flow , Reduce the risk of intravascular plaque formation . There are many ways to exercise , Sticking to the key .

   in short , It is ineffective to prevent diseases through blood vessels . Regular work and rest , Proper exercise , Healthy diet can keep healthy .

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