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* 996 It means every morning 9 Go to work on time , night 9 Leave work at o'clock , Every week 6 Day shift
* As for the rest of the day , It's up to God
* There is no home , Even if there is , It's just a nest for sleep

lately , A big thing happened in my programmer's circle . There is one “ audacious in the extreme ” The guy is here GitHub Launched a project called “996.ICU”( work 996, fall ill
ICU) Project of , Calling on squeezed programmers to unite against Internet companies 996 Working system .

One more word ,GitHub Although it's a code hosting platform , But this project has nothing to do with the code , But it has a lot to do with the programmers who write the code ; It has a lot to do with the programmer's family .

The reason why this project is popular , I think that's why :

Hemingway in 《 For whom does the bell ring 》 I said that : All people are one , The misfortune of others is your misfortune . therefore , Ask not for whom the bell tolls —— It just sings for you .

Wang Xiaobo also expressed this meaning in his essay : During the Nazi period in Germany , There is a German priest , He said , Those men are catching Jews , I don't talk , Because I'm Aryan ; Then they caught Catholics , I don't talk , Because I'm a Protestant …… At last they came for me , No one can speak for me anymore .

Although I am “ Silent king two ”, Not at all 996 In the ranks of , But in this case , I'm not going to keep silent .


My wife is an engineer who paints architectural drawings . But her situation seems to be better than that 996 Much worse , Why do you say that ?

* Company regulations , What's the time to go to work in the morning 8 spot 20, late 10 Minute deduction 50 Yuan .
* Company regulations , What's the time to leave work in the evening 6 spot , But because of the heavy workload , Almost to work overtime 9 After o'clock , There is no overtime pay .
* Company regulations , At least half a day on weekends , But because of the heavy workload , Almost two days on weekends , There is no overtime pay .
Work occupied most of her time . Fortunately, our home is not far from her company , Otherwise it is :“ The sun just rose when I entered the company , The moon hung high as we went .”

I often advise her to be smart : Don't work so actively , Take a break when it's time to rest , After all, the body is your own .

She said she was very innocent : Leaders keep an eye on your progress every day , How do you rest , Sometimes I can't even drink a mouthful of water all day .

I remember once , My wife works late , I haven't been home since midnight , No one answered the phone , hair QQ
No one came back , No one answered the company call . That moment , I'm really worried about her sudden death . I can't get in touch with her , I had to hold my sleeping daughter , I drove to her company , All the way . Finally, she and several colleagues were still working overtime , The leader stood by and watched .

After my colleagues and leaders met me , She has a good husband . And I , See that she's safe and sound , I'm relieved at last .

later , She bought herself an insurance policy . She was afraid that she would die suddenly !


Cao Zheng, the big man in the programmer world :
996 It's market choice , It's not decided by an entrepreneur or an enterprise , No one can cover the sky with one hand . Give them confidence , It's those waiting in line offer
Candidates for . That's not true , But it's true , The facts are often incorrect .
Out of respect for Cao , I reluctantly didn't send a dirty word . But such remarks , It's really irritating ! Mr. Cao must be rich , And financial freedom , Time is free, too —— So he didn't have enough 996
The bitterness behind .

We people , It's not as unconscious as the wind and the water , Indefatigable . If 996
If it's really a market choice , Let's go back to it “ Suffer a lot , Endure great labor ” The age of . Why should we develop the economy ? Why should we liberate the productive forces ? Aren't we programmers writing programs to make the world a better place , Smarter , More happy ?

besides , to “ they ”( They should be ) Confident , It's not the queues at all offer
Candidates for , It's the greed of capital . perhaps , This is not what Cao meant , He also wants to sympathize with the vast number of programmers , He hated it, too
996, But in order to make the article attract more people's attention , There was more criticism , He stood on the opposite side by his eloquence .

I remember the meeting I just attended at work , I often work overtime when the project is busy . Almost every day, at least until night 10
More points , There are no weekends , Very tired . But the company is not forced to work overtime , There are also overtime pay . If the project is not busy , night 6
It's OK to leave after work . I haven't met programmers who are very busy with projects but don't work overtime , Most programmers are devoted to their jobs .

But if the company has to force 996, Forcing employees to work overtime , That's what employers are bullying —— We are human beings , It's not a machine , Work every week 5 day , Work every day 8
Hour is a right that we all strive for ( Not many ); We're not only working , And life .

Thomas · Jefferson ( The third president of the United States ) Once said :“ The happiest moments of my life are those in the warm arms of my family .” But I've never heard anyone say that , The happiest time of my life was in the company
996 Time spent in the working system .


Some people ask about it :“ In addition to using GitHub Protest , What are some clever solutions to resist 996 ?”

Mr. an Xiaohui gave an answer that I didn't agree with :
Make sure you don't need to pass 996 Get more money and live a better life .
Boycott from today on 996, Stand up , No overtime .
If it's a boycott 996 Get into trouble with the company , Then leave decisively .

The reason why I disagree is that :
Get more money to live a better life and 996 Is there any necessary relationship ?
If not working overtime can solve the problem , It also needs to be used GitHub Protest ?
Why are employees bullied , And bear the consequences wrongly , Not the employer ?

in my opinion , utilize GitHub Protesting is the smartest solution a programmer can do ——139947 individual star I contributed one ——
I Believe , Our good intentions will certainly bring about some positive changes .


Some people say : Service people are worse than programmers , They don't have any rest time . They didn't say anything , You programmers are crying out for pain .

I object ! We come to this world , Is it to be worse than who ?

Tesla CEO Elon · Musk said : Think about it “ Changing the world ”, People need to work about a week 80 reach 100 Hours . I work weekly myself 120
Hours , So Tesla people work at least once a week 100 Hours .

I object ! Not every Tesla is keen on immigrating to Mars , Not everyone in Tesla can take as many shares as musk .

On Ren Zhengfei : Behind the greatness , It's all suffering .

I object ! Maybe in our culture , Just think life is good , But not happy , Happy , The state of being and things like that are defined ; So I took it for granted , As long as everyone is alive , No matter how bad they live

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