Corporate email is an essential communication tool for a company to work , How to choose enterprise mailbox for large enterprises with more users . Group enterprise users need to consider more aspects if they want to choose more suitable enterprise mailbox , Can the security of enterprise mailbox be guaranteed , Mail delivery rate , Effective communication in multiple scenarios of mailbox .

Due to the size of the company , The emphasis on the use of the mailbox will also be different . Relative to group enterprise mailbox , Professional enterprise mailbox is more suitable for group users .

Enterprise mailbox can be very convenient to solve the company and employees , Information exchange between companies ,
Group enterprise mailbox through the enterprise's own domain name ( as :@tom) Make Postfix , enterprise @ Front enterprise internal customization , It can be the name of the employee , It can also be a number, etc . This is convenient for all departments and staff to communicate . in addition , It is because the suffix of enterprise mailbox is unified , All the e-mails sent out bear the corporate logo , And if an employee leaves or changes personnel, the email can be returned . This is convenient for enterprise management , There will be no loopholes , It's safe .

In terms of function , Enterprise mailbox , First, provide unlimited mailbox capacity , Large enterprise architecture , Personalized customization , Besides the basic functions and configuration of hierarchical management , Also provide mailbox recall , Message deletion recovery , And other value-added services . These functions can guarantee hundreds of people or even larger group companies , More handy in dealing with things . In the mobile terminal, it also launched the function of "heart mail" , Improve the efficiency and security of mobile office .

In terms of safety .TOM Enterprise mailbox adopts advanced storage technology , Multi server load balancing technology , The mail server system is fast , Strong stability , Safe and reliable , Comprehensive functions . Powerful enterprise mailbox system management helps you solve the security and stability of enterprise information . This also improves the security of group enterprise mailbox . Above mentioned by TOM Enterprise mailbox sorting .

TOM Corporate email is also close to 20 Enterprise e-mail service provider in ,TOM Enterprise mailbox technology in the original TOM On the basis of mailbox , Continuous upgrading and transformation , Professional enterprise mailbox in Antivirus , Anti spam and business communication can bring customers the best practical experience , There are more functions developed for the enterprise pain points

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