Coin issuing is one of the applications of blockchain , It's a good incentive for miners , But this is not the biggest value of blockchain , The greatest value lies in the value of consensus . Many people know that blockchain delivers value , But I don't know what value is . It refers to the contrast relationship , A contrast between the Internet and blockchain is that the Internet is a protocol for information transmission , And blockchain is a value transmission protocol . The core value of blockchain

   The Internet realizes the efficient transmission of information , Blockchain realizes the quantitative interconnection of value . In bitcoin, a completely private community game , A large enough global population recognizes its value , And inject credit into the group randomly , This forms the credit endorsement mechanism of bitcoin . But on the other hand , Bitcoin ecology itself does not create value , It is more reflected in the value-added investment and liquidity value , If there is a better blockchain economic ecology in the future , It can create value increment , It also has the value of investment appreciation and liquidity , that , These speculative capital will be attracted to a more competitive ecology , That would limit bitcoin's upside . Development of blockchain main chain and side chain ( Main chain
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   One What is the real value of blockchain ?

   In the process of human exchange , In essence, it is a process in which the value is embodied in different goods and exchanged equally , Gold, silver, copper and paper money are endowed with value in the process of material exchange , This value is the consensus value . The core value of blockchain . The consensus value of digital currency has been preliminarily reached ,
Then it shows that digital currency has the ability to be endowed with currency value and circulate like paper money . Digital currency based on blockchain technology will become inevitable !

   Two What is the value of blockchain token

   The core of blockchain project token is application , The technology application value of the product itself produces a consensus value , Consensus value is the driving force of the market and promotes the development of the market , Finally, it is reflected in the market value .

   Token value of blockchain project , That is to say, the value of digital currency in our public consciousness must be reflected by its application value
. So we came to the conclusion that : The value of blockchain project token of digital currency issued by non central bank must rely on the core value of the project , Only when the project itself has technical value and application value, it can solve some industry problems , Can be recognized and produced by more people “ Cognitive consensus ”, So as to produce the value of consensus .

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