Supply chain finance is the risk control financial service of enterprise supply chain as a whole . Supply chain finance is the product of further promotion of social production mode , Conform to the law of market competition , It has been developed . It solves the shortage of top capital in the supply chain , It even solved the problem of credit sales as the mainstream transaction mode “ Broken chain ” problem .

   Supply chain finance reduces the capital consumption of commercial banks , The credit coefficient of each enterprise in the supply chain is realized , Promote and standardize the whole supply chain and even the entire industrial market . It is the main way to solve the financing difficulties of upstream and downstream enterprises .

   From the perspective of implementation path , The application of blockchain in supply chain finance can be realized through three steps . As a prerequisite , We need to build a blockchain +
Financial Alliance of supply chain . Alliance participants include supply chain finance platform , Core enterprises , Professional financial intermediary , financier , Factoring institutions, etc .

   Professional financial intermediaries can integrate and analyze platform information , Provide customized supply chain financial products , Such as personalized blockchain e-bill . Capital includes banks , Internet financial institutions and other customers responsible for docking risk appetite .

   After the completion of alliance chain , We can start with a three-step strategy .

   The first step is to put the data on the chain of the supply chain alliance , Make use of the characteristics of blockchain to make it not authorized , And provide the correctness of the data , Traceability and other services .

   The second step is to digitize assets , Warehouse receipts that will represent financing needs , Contract and block linked notes transformed into digital assets , These assets are unique , Unauthorized and non reproducible .

   third , Digital asset trading , Supply chain financial platform will be transformed into financial asset exchange , Non target enterprise loan demand transformed into standardized financial products , Token , Investment and financing demand docking , Value trading .

   last , Blockchain technology will effectively improve the liquidity of supply chain financial assets , Mobilize new financing tools and risk control system , Help to cover the long tail market of SME financing , Promote the emergence of supply chain finance as a service .

   The development of blockchain in the field of Supply Chain Finance , first , Solutions to connect blockchain with the real world , It will be a real move to financial institutions , Master unique and reliable data , The scheme to realize quantification . Enterprises will have a great advantage to promote the contribution of reducing financial risk .

   last , With cross-border trade , supply chain management , Urban governance , The popularization of financial transactions , The logic of value realization of blockchain will change with the change of environment . therefore , The role of block chain in the supply chain finance in the future is also worth looking forward to .

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