Anhui crosses three major water systems in China , They are the Huaihe River , Yangtze River and Qiantang River , The water system is developed , Make the climate pleasant here , It's very suitable to travel to Anhui in summer . The same is true of autumn , Anhui has beautiful scenery , There are many scenic spots , Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui Province , I believe many people have heard of it , But what we are talking about today is the hidden back garden of Anhui Province , The scenery here is beautiful and moving , It's a must see spot in life , Once I've been there, I won't regret it .


​​ Generally speaking of back garden , They describe beautiful places , Anhui hidden back garden is located in Lu'an , It is the Wanfo Lake scenic spot . Wanfo lake and mountain water show , Rare flowers and plants in mountains and rivers , Let Wanfo Lake scenic spot highlight its charm . There are also many cultural sites here , It not only shows the water scenery and cultural relics , It is also a good place for fitness and leisure ! Wanfo Lake scenic area is very important in Anhui people's mind , The local people like to travel here very much , So it is known as the back garden of Anhui Province , Is it a typical scenic spot in China .


Wanfo Lake scenic spot in Anhui hidden back garden , Four seasons of the year , The climate is pleasant . Wanfo Lake 4 It is surrounded by mountains , The existing stone forest of Ten Thousand Buddhas , There are also cliff carvings , Neolithic sites , Let visitors witness the long history of Wanfo Lake scenic area . Visit Yanzi island near Wanfo Lake , You will find that there are many small scenic spots and historical sites here . Bird Garden , Yanhua cave , Landscape and relics of Mo Chan Hall , Enough to fill your curiosity . Except swallow island , Wanfo Lake scenic area also has Wanfo island , There is a famous Buddhist heart Pavilion on Wanfo island , Wanfo pagoda and Guanyin Pavilion . Dhaka Wanfo Island , Make a wish to Lin , Let wishing forest help you realize your wish !


Wanfo Lake Scenic Area , There are all kinds of beautiful scenery , It's a must see spot in life , Except for the beautiful scenery , Of course, we also have to taste the specialty of the scenic spot - Braised Fish Head in Casserole , Fish head in casserole is a kind of bighead carp in Wanfo lake . Bighead carp takes Wanfo Lake as home , Enjoy the clear water of the lake , The meat is delicious , After a slow simmer out of the pot , Take a SIP to replenish the body's nutrition . Fresh fish head in casserole of Wanfo Lake , What would you like to eat? ? There are many ways to travel , Whether it's local people in Anhui , Or foreign tourists , They like the hidden back garden of Anhui very much !


Self driving tour to Anhui hidden back garden , It's also a very fashionable way to travel . Plan your route before you travel , It's the most reasonable way to travel , Not affected by public transport , Keep the speed you want to travel , yield twice the result with half the effort , Enjoy the scenery of the journey . Beautiful and moving Wanfo Lake Scenic Area , You may regret not going , After all, beautiful scenery never takes long to wait , Go back to the garden , Rich travel experience and experience !

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