It took me a day to read it yesterday 《 A secret corner 》 This mystery play , Five flavors in my heart , No one is watching my friends , So I decided to write it and share it with you .

Such a film “ All the villains ” Suspense drama , The grasp of human nature is very accurate , The two-way story lines develop and unite closely , The audience couldn't stop watching it , At present, this short play has been made in Douban 9.0 High score evaluation , It is also known as 2020 The first suspense drama series in China .

When I first saw the play, I found that the ending was very good , Yan Liang , Old Chen is still alive , Zhang Dongsheng sent Pu Pu to the hospital , Finally, pupu and Xinxin were successfully matched .

The ending looks good on the surface , everybody ' s happy , But after careful analysis, we can find that the ending of the story is actually a fairy tale in Zhu Chaoyang's heart , In reality, Yan Liang and Pu Pu are dead , Lao Chen is no longer here .

1. The opening animation of a TV play has already hinted at the end of the story : Three villains were chased and killed , In the end, only one was left to hide in the dark .

In the beginning of the episode, three chickens go to the fox's house , In the end, there was a fox and three skeletons , The head of one of the bones is a fox , The real fox is dead , One of the chickens disguised as a fox .

2. Pupu asthma attack , Zhang Dongsheng is still very concerned about Pu Pu here , Through the end of the film, we know that Zhang Dongsheng and his wife want a girl , Pu Pu is very consistent with the image of Zhang Dongsheng's daughter , When Zhang Dongsheng took Pu Pu Pu to buy lunch , The shop assistant said this is your daughter , Here, Zhang Dongsheng still has a trace of happiness in his heart , At least he really wanted to raise poop as a daughter , But Zhang Dongsheng's sense of compassion dissipated when he heard the hospital's address , Hang up . Because he didn't want to be known about his relationship with the three children , What's more, pop had already fainted , No oxygen , It's hard to say it's too late . And she never showed up again .

There's a gag about Zhang Dongsheng crying over three McDonald's meals alone , He had promised to bring pop three , This is proof of poop's death . But this paragraph has been deleted .

3. Yan Liang fell on the boat and died . Lao Chen is hospitalized with serious abdominal injury , You have to be supported by your wife when you go to the bathroom , In just a few days, I was able to rescue people like nothing ( So much around jc It would be unscientific to let one of the wounded go into the water ), Also in time to catch up with the accurate rescue of Yan Liang , This is too much like the fairy tale of Zhang Dongsheng and Zhu Chaoyang .

If you look closely, you can see that he still covered his stomach before walking , Yanliang is safe and sound when he is fished out of the water. He gives Yan Liang cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( I think maybe Lao Chen will be gone at this time ). If POOP is dead and established , Then the latter said that the success of the Pu Pu Pu type Yan Liang and Lao Chen is even more untrue .

4. The picture of the auditorium is like a visitor from heaven , The music is also called “ the underworld ” music , Yan Liang, an outsider, walked into the school hall calmly , All the teachers and students in the school didn't see it , Only Zhu Chaoyang turned his head .

Yan Liang's eyes at Zhu Chaoyang are obviously dissatisfied , As a man with a sense of justice , He did not forgive Zhu Chaoyang at all , If this is a fairy tale diary in Zhu Chaoyang's fantasy , That's a metaphor for part of reality . That's what he proved to be evil , He copied the card's lies and deliberately spread it to kill pop . Warm pictures with restless music , A look of indifference and hatred , great .

He even hung up on the ship for so long , Zhu Chaoyang did not reach out to pull him , Just watch him fall . It's already obvious .

5. As for Zhu Jingjing's death , It's simile to me . In the end, she didn't even tell Yan Liang the truth , That corresponds to her previous episodes to Yan Liang that she saw Zhu Jingjing fall to death , It can be concluded that Zhu Jingjing was not killed by accident . Combined with the picture of Zhu Jingjing falling from a building twice , What poop said for the first time :“ She fell ”, The other time it was :“ She's going to fall ”, Although it's just a word difference , But the reason for Zhu Jingjing's real fall is clear . Or Zhu Chaoyang pushes it down , Or he can't help .

There's another detail: pop dreams , Dream of Liufeng mountain , Crystal crystals also appeared on Liufeng mountain , It shows that the death method of Jingjing may be the same as that of Zhang Dongsheng's father-in-law : They were pushed down .

6. Wang Yao was actually killed by Zhu Chaoyang . When Zhang Dongsheng killed Wang Yao , Wang Yao may not have died completely , In the middle of the picture, Zhang Dongsheng leaves with the murder weapon after strangling Wang Yao , There was no disposal of the body , But after Yan Liang knocked Zhang Dongsheng out , Wang Yao's body was seen next to the machine , This proves the body of Wang Yao ( Maybe Wang Yao woke up later , He was killed by Zhu Chaoyang again ) It's been moved , Zhu Chaoyang is the only one who can move Wang Yao's body again . And then he kept wiping things off his hands ( It could be Wang Yao's blood ) It can also be inferred that Zhu Chaoyang killed Wang Yao .

7. Poop's brother is gone , She wanted 300000 just to cure her asthma ( Or the spending budget before adulthood , Because asthma is not cured ).

That soft light picture ( Pop's family filter ) Pop's parents and brother appear in the soft light of the picture , It means that poop's brother may be no longer the same as her parents . Pu Pu is a man with a good mind , She took advantage of Yan Liang's kindness . But it also has something to do with her experience in the welfare home : In fiction , Pu Pu is often bullied in the welfare home , He was sexually assaulted by the dean . But it didn't come out on TV , That's why Pope wants to get out of the welfare home , Also used to save brother Xinxin excuse to let Yan Liang help her .

8. Zhu Chaoyang worried that Yan Liang exposed himself after solving Zhang Dongsheng's problem , So he concealed Wang Li's kidnapping / Zhang Dongsheng killed Wang Li ( I can get a good feeling with my father , Divorce the relationship between father and stepmother , Zhang Dongsheng can also be attracted , Use him as a butcher to get rid of the people he wants to get rid of ), Also began to be impure to friends , use unscrupulous divisive tactics .

He asked Yan Liang twice in the last two episodes “ Call the police ” It's killing ( Interestingly, it was Zhu Chaoyang who first called the police when he first saw the homicide , Stopped by Yan Liang, who doesn't want to be sent back to the welfare home . And the other way around , It's Zhu Chaoyang who doesn't want Yan Liang to call the police ), After seeing Zhang Dongsheng and the other two people “ It's very enjoyable ” In the case of , He said it on purpose , And bring disaster east to Yan Liang . Say destroy , But he knew that Yan Liang would not destroy it ( After all, there is always vigilance against murderers ), Therefore, Yan Liang will be regarded as an eyesore by Zhang Dongsheng .

So when he was in the toilet, he deliberately told Zhang Dongsheng about the copy card , I want to get rid of Pu Pu Pu and Yan Liang by Zhang Dongsheng , Only in this way can Zhang Chaoyang start again , What he did would not have been discovered by his mother .

Zhu Chaoyang was in tears when he read a letter from Pu Pu Pu , He only cried three times in the play , It's been a lot of injuries before . Why so sad ? Because he was afraid that Pu Pu would tell Yan Liang the truth , So he had to get rid of pop , But after seeing the letter that pop wrote to her , He felt guilty and regretful , But he couldn't go back .

At the end of the day, he called them to the ship , Say you can see yourself at the end , The result is to let Zhang Dongsheng and Yan Liang meet , They started fighting . There is a guess that Yan Liang was killed here by Zhang Dongsheng ( Because Zhang Dongsheng sent Pu Pu to the hospital is not tenable ). Yan Liang, a minor, can't beat Zhang Dongsheng , Even if you have a lot of fighting experience , But Zhang Dongsheng killed so many people after all , Even Wang Li, a local ruffian who has been in prison, can be killed . At that time, Zhang Dongsheng had already grasped Yan Liang's neck and raised his knife . Therefore, it is just the imagination of justice in Zhu Chaoyang's heart that Yan Liang prevents Zhu Chaoyang from becoming the second Zhang Dongsheng .

The dream of flying to the moon together , It's all broken , Only left with a sense of guilt Zhu Chaoyang continues to live with humiliation . Zhang Dongsheng and Zhu Chaoyang have a lot in common , They love math , They all like Descartes , Believe in both sides of things , There is a sunny name and a dark personality , Can be in order to get the first place in the eyes of the close relatives and the relationship is not good under the pain of the killer , They even like to wear white shirts . In the later period, there was a feeling of sympathy between teachers and friends . The handover on the ship , Zhang Dongsheng, also a total failure, handed over the dark flag to Zhu Chaoyang's node . It's just that Zhu Chaoyang did it more quietly , Successfully made himself a victim , So that the performance was moved by themselves .

“ Chaoyang Dongsheng ”, Zhu Chaoyang finally became Zhang Dongsheng .

The end of the story left a lot of imagination , Maybe Yan Liang and police officer Zhang are dead , Or maybe Yan Liang became a policeman under the guidance of police officer Zhang , Maybe Zhang Dongsheng really killed Pu Pu Pu , Or maybe he called when poop was sick 120…

Just as Descartes, the mathematician who both Zhang Dongsheng and Zhu Chaoyang liked, said :

Believe the truth or fairy tale , It's a choice for each of you

Here are some of the highlights of the show :

last : Do you want to go mountain climbing together , The kind of photo taking !!!