Let me borrow the name of a poem , This is a part of my heart , Most of the brothers and sisters don't know about it , So you can record yourself more freely and truly .

Of course, if anyone you know comes here , Welcome, too . A gentleman is straightforward , It is also one of the goals pursued in the early years .

May Day holiday , Once in a blue moon , Don't go back home , You can rest in Nanjing .

The day before yesterday Elijah Mountain climbing ,Xiafei belt tianyue to pass away , I 2 People are quiet at home , Presided over yesterday , It's a little more peaceful today .

4 Start party adjustment in January , Pray there will be Li Brother arrangement , I've arranged for me to bring them ,4.9,23,30 It's all me ,16 Because of the illness and the poem .

Faith , There are still several issues to be clarified : Crime after believing and justification by faith , Human reason , Cross and spiritual practice .

Family separation , Our reception ,ertai, Look to the Lord . Small Yan Pause with poetry , Outdoor next week , Ask the Lord to lead Yangting It can be replaced .

In the intersection with different limbs , More to test their loyalty to the Lord , And the attitude to the world , The motive and mind of serving , It also inspires us to pursue the Lord , It has been a long time since the truth , Pray in the spirit .

At work , The adjustment period is good Friday and Easter , Learn obedience , Although it has experienced several entrepreneurial temptations , But fortunately, I have been waiting for God , At present, study God's power in work , Still going through it , Maybe by the way FuJ.

concrete , Taking advantage of Expo passenger flow , Arouse the heart of the improved algorithm ; The license plates continue ; Stop and snap again , And there will be the good will of God . Two conference papers deadline delay , It gave me another chance .

Yingxu is here to prepare for the interview .

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