error message :
Could not find class ** referenced from method ** 05-21 22:51:22.548:
E/dalvikvm(226): Could not find class 'org.ksoap2.serialization.SoapObject',
referenced from method    
Error causes and Solutions :   1. There is no import in the built project jar package , If it's someone else's project import To your own eclipse in , You need to right-click on the project Bulid Path->Add
Libraries->User Library->User Libraries->new( Make a name casual A)->Add Jars( Will need jar Package added to A
in ) 

2. stay properties There is no setting in , Right click Engineering ->properties->Java Build Path->Order and Export Will just be newly built A
Check -> click ok That's fine     So that you can jar Packages are compiled into .apk In the file . If you run in the simulator, you won't get out Could not find class **
referenced from method ** Wrong .


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