Many people think that ,WordPress Can only be used for blog sites , This is not the case , It's so much more powerful than the blogging system . For websites with limited budgets ,WordPress
It's the only choice for you to make an excellent site .

In the last decade ,WordPress The market share of the network has increased from more than 10% to more than 1 / 3 . This makes it the most commonly used content management system (CMS).WordPress Can it continue to grow ? Where does this growth come from ?WordPress yes CMS Is it the best choice ? That's why I firmly believe WordPress It will break through by the end of the decade 50% Magic market share , Be an individual at the same time , Enterprises and the best choice for enterprises ! At the time of writing this article (2020 year 6 month ),WordPress Market share has reached a staggering 37.6%. stay 2011 Beginning of the year , Its market share is 13.1%, So it's growing on average every year 2.47%.

If WordPress
Continue to develop at this rate , reach 2030 Beginning of the year , Will gain more than 60% Market share ( reach 2025 By the end of the year 50%). however , because WordPress It has been used by many websites , Where will these new users come from , Why? WordPress It's going to be very attractive to them ?

WordPress Is it a tool for blogs and small businesses ? yes ! But it's not just for them . On the Internet 10000 Of top sites 2645
One is to use WordPress Constructed . There are many well-known large companies , Many companies use it just because it's simple and efficient , It also looks at its great potential in the future .

nowadays , New coronavirus piracy , Offline physical store business is difficult to do , Many enterprises bring goods through e-commerce , Based on WooCommerce Of Wordpress
New hope for small companies , In a few days, we can rely on the server provided by cloud service provider to establish the site , Fast access to users through various small programs .

So , nowadays ,WordPress Still the best solution for individuals or small businesses .