* say something JVM Memory model .
* What is a thread's program counter for ?
* On the garbage collection algorithm in the heap ? Why does the new generation use replication algorithm , The arrangement of substitute marks for the aged , Label compression ?
* understand CMS Is this garbage collector ? Talk about its workflow ?
* CMS During concurrent tagging , User threads also generate large objects ,Remark It can take a lot of time to mark again , Talk about your optimization plan ?( I :???)
* say something java Workflow of thread pool ?
* Look at your project dubbo,dubbo How does the bottom layer communicate ?
* say something NIO?Selector What events can be registered on ? know Channel read , How to write data ?
* Let you implement a similar dubbo Of RPC frame , Talk about your ideas ?( Confused )
* dubbo Have you seen the source code ?( No, ...)dubbo How many kinds of load balancing are there ?
* Let yourself implement a weighted polling load balancing , You can talk about your ideas or write a pseudo code .( Give up treatment , I'm too good )
* It depends on your project springboot, Do you know the source code ? Know why springboot Can rapid development be achieved ?
* springboot Embedded tomcat container , Do you know how ?
* spring integration dubbo What is the process ?( Muddled ) So tell me springioc How do containers create objects ?
* BeanPostProcessor Do you understand ? If I'm going to inject an object spring Components of , What should be done ?
* say something springmvc The process of ?

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