《 The power of the moment 》 It's a book to calm down , A book with heart . Every word of his needs our careful taste , In order to get our own experience , And then we'll learn from this book about how we treat the past , Some thoughts now and in the future .

meanwhile , The book is not easy to understand , Many sentences are rather obscure , We need to understand it deeply , But once we understand these somewhat esoteric statements , It is a profound shock to our hearts .  

Because we are always used to rational thinking , I like to use my brain , Also indulge in the self-identity formed by past experience , And under the pressure of the real society, we have expectations for the future , So living in the moment is not so easy .“ If nothing can give them a real sense of accomplishment , So what else can they fight for ?”“ Things and living conditions can give you happiness , But it doesn't give you joy . Joy is a key part of your inner peace . It's your natural state , It's not hard work .”

        What moved me most was No 84 Contents of the page , above-mentioned , Now people are always waiting , They wait for the day when their wishes come true , I thought that I would be happy , In fact, they are rejecting the present .  

Yeah , We always put off our happy time ! I thought about it , When I get a job, I must be the happiest person , I will be satisfied every day at that time ; I thought about it , When I get someone's love , I must cherish it , I will be very happy then ; I thought about it , Now if I have something , How happy I would be , I will be the most contented person , But now , Because I didn't get the job , Didn't get the man , Didn't get that thing , So I can't be happy now , Or why should I be happy , So many wishes can't be realized .

later , I got the job , Got this guy , Got something like this , But I have no imagination of happiness and happiness , The trouble is still there , I'm still not happy . So I was thinking again , I'm not happy now because I haven't got anything else , If I get more things , Then I will be happy then .

This is how I used to refuse the present , Life is waiting , Finish reading the book , My experience is : People become calm , It's not that anxious anymore , No longer because regret the past did not do a good thing and consume emotion , And no longer anxious about the unpredictable future , Uneasiness , fear . This book taught me the importance of living in the moment , Let me know the importance of the next second . My understanding of the present is to accept who I am now . I know it's hard to do that , But I'll try to do it .