People who have been working for years , I don't know switch case, each case It's a need break Of . Or we'll carry it out all the way .
People who have been working for years , I haven't seen it before for(; i < 5; i++){}, That's what it says for loop , Tell me I'll throw the exception . Not to mention that for(;;){} It can be written like this .
People who have been working for years , I don't know i++ and ++i The difference between .
I've been working for three years hashmap Is it orderly . Several people say that .
Working for three years , decennary , Fourteen years , I don't even know Java In the set of hashmap The bottom layer is array and linked list .
You've been working for 14 years ,map Several implementation classes of interface , Isn't that just open your mouth ? He said : It's usually used hashmap.
You've been working for 14 years , Tell me ,arraylist Is based on key value On the basis of .

Today, I have a friend who has been working for 11 years , After coming , Application Java Developed , I read my resume , It was used for the first few years version studio
Waiting to be done c,c++ Something about ,Java In less than a year . But you applied Java Advanced development , Don't you feel guilty ? Brother . Few simple collections have been used , You're applying Java senior , You don't feel guilty about taking money, do you . What's more, he expressed his feelings for his work experience , Since learning or doing something , We need to be more specific , Dongyi hammer , West one stick , Are you sure? , Is that all right? ? Hope to see brothers and sisters also pay attention to Oh .

I don't know if I've been working for eight years set Why repeat , I don't know why I have to rewrite it hashcode and equal method .
People who just worked , You don't know , Or two or three years of uncertainty , however , Some senior engineers have been working for more than ten years ,jdk Source code has not been point in .
of course , Although they have never entered , But it came all the way , No blowing, no black , I also admire you ...

Right? , Some students think that , The salary should be proportional to the working time ! It's been a long time , Any job hopping , Jump , Jump , Wages go up , It's time to go online .
Wake up , young people , This is not a state-owned enterprise , Taking money depends on ability .
People who have this idea , It's better to go home and take an examination of civil servants . Otherwise , Stay in the industry , There will be no great development .

You said you were going to do technology , I can't see it at all , I don't expect to be strict with myself when I write code .
For example :
Can you format the code after writing it ?
Name the file , method , Variable time , Will you strictly enforce the hump nomenclature ?
Is the definition of constant capitalized ?
Will you submit the code carefully ?
When you write code , If the code has a yellow line warning , You don't think you'll read it , Anyway, the code didn't report an error .
method , variable , It is estimated that the annotation of the document can be saved . It's all self-care anyway , I'm leaving , What about the ball .
Where do you have any doubts , It's estimated to be 100 degrees , hey , It works , good , That's it . The next time we meet , I'll talk about it next time .

( No blowing, no black , I'm a simple matter of fact , Be reasonable .)
ad locum , There are still some people , Study for several months from training institutions , After coming out , I've been working on my resume for a few years .
It's all because of these people , Put the current job search environment , It's a mess . Have you ever worked , You can ask in a minute .
It's not a lotus with tongue , You can blow it out , of course , No exclusion , There's such a good guy . Can blow , It can blow , perhaps , The interviewer loves your ability to brag ?
Don't trust training institutions too much , Yes , It's easy to get out and find a job , Tens of thousands of salary per minute . That's not everyone . After all, they do propaganda , Don't blow , How to recruit students .
( No blowing, no black , I'm a simple matter of fact , Be reasonable .)

At the end of the day , Or the foundation , It's not a frame , You didn't write the frame , It's not up to you to decide which framework to use . And then again , Even if you really want to talk about the framework , Can you really make the frame clear ?
At the end of the day , It can only be said that it has been used .

Then someone has to ask :
Proficient in basic knowledge , Bottom knowledge , Source code knowledge , What's the difference between the code you write and someone you don't know ?

There's a big difference , Suppose there is a common Java development A And a master of all kinds of source code Java development B, The code is very different from the details .
Let me give you a few examples :

1,A use List Only know how to use ArrayList,B Different scenarios will be selected List, delete , Insert is more used LinkedList, Sequential addition , Traversal is more used ArrayList, Scenes that read more than write will be better CopyOnWriteArrayList( In concurrent scenario )
2,A use ArrayList Can only write List list = new ArrayList();,B You know how to write List list = new
ArrayList(N); appoint ArrayList Initial length of , Avoid the performance impact of the underlying array expansion (hashmap In the same way )
3, Integer to string ,A It may be used more often i+"" The form of ,B You know how to use it Integer Of toString() The performance of the method is much better than the former
4,A use ThreadLocal Only know get/set,B use ThreadLocal If you know it, you must first use it before or after use remove() once
5, Multi thread synchronization , use Map When ,A Just know hashtable, however B I know ConcurrentHashMap
6, When A Still writing for(;;) When you cycle ,B except foreach outside , They have been used skillfully Java8 Of Lambda expression

7,A Generally only hashmap,B But I know hashmap disorder ,linkedhashmap and treemap Although orderly , however linkedhashmap It can ensure that the order is consistent with that added ,treemap It doesn't matter

The gap is reflected in all aspects , It's really not clear in a few words

Take me for example , although , Look at my blog , A lot has been summed up , however , Have to admit , I'm really a scum .
occasionally , You think you've worked hard , It's amazing , however , Better than you , Or the sea .
What a long long road! ,
Ask or not , It depends on the individual .

sorry , I'll send out my feelings during the interview . No blowing, no black .

If you read this article of mine , You are still in a state , So you really need to reflect , Is it suitable for me to continue in this industry .

1, The collection only knows hashmap and arraylist. The others are either unheard of at all , Or just heard about it .( People of two or three years , It could be this state .)