It needs peripheral chips !

Recently discovered chip EC190708, Touch the analog key IC.

Press and hold for three seconds to switch the machine on and off .

Use this by yourself 51 Writing a program is the same , Just output a high level , Control one MOS Just take care of it .

STC8 The cheap one is only a few cents , It's not more cost-effective than this . Anyway, it's only used by MCU .

tell the truth , The single purchase price is very expensive . Let's use the implementation method for reference . Use a single chip microcomputer to realize the function .

It is mainly not associated with the chip , No need to write relevant code program .


Now that we have found this chip , Just draw a circuit diagram :

There are other chips to realize the same function

YUSIJIE LM01          Ha ha ha , It's good to use this flash lamp

SAM8108: Key trigger switch IC

Power on OFF( High resistance state ), Press the key once and the output is ON( Low level ), Press again OFF( High resistance state ).

actually SAM8108 There is also a delayed trigger mode (SOP8 encapsulation )

1489-EBD7:1.5S On off chip

When OPT When detected as high ,KEY Invalid port .

Long press KEY1 Key 1.5 Second boot ,OUTH Output high level ,OUTL Output low level .

Press and hold again 1.5 Second shutdown ,OUTH Flip Low level ,OUTL Flip to high level .

OPT: When high level input is detected ,OUTH Output high level ,OUTL Output low level ,OPT High detected all the time ,OUTH Keep high level transmission all the time Out ;OUTL
Keep low level output all the time , until OPT High signal disappears .



Almost ~

RST Low level active , unwanted RST Xu LaGaO .

Several expensive chips :STM6600,LTC2954,MAX16054AZT