5,6 This month is the job season for fresh students , Companies generally appear “ Pay upside down ” Phenomenon of , That is, the salary of new employees is higher than that of old employees at the same level .

Although upside down exists , But not necessarily , The key is still in personal ability .

Want to avoid being “ Pay upside down ", The best way is to improve your work , You are good enough , Naturally, it is not so easy to be accepted by fresh students “ volume ” reach ……

In addition to pursuing progress in technology , We should also establish our own advantages , Expand yourself in other ways .

There is also a relatively simple and crude way to avoid , That's job hopping ! Take advantage of the job season , Many high paid technical positions are vacant , Take advantage of the opportunity !

Next, let's share a copy 《 Alibaba interview reference guide 》 It contains : Distributed , middleware , Big data and high concurrency , database , Design mode .... There is also a series of necessary knowledge of interview practice , Answering skills , practical experience , The quality is very good !!!

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JVM piece :JVM Class loading mechanism ,JVM Memory model , Garbage collection mechanism , Implementation mechanism of class bytecode ,JVM Tuning case ,GC Algorithm, etc

Java Concurrent programming :java Memory model , Concurrent set , Thread pool , Blocking queue ,CAS Atomic operation , Lockless concurrency framework Disruptor etc.

Spring piece :spring IOC,spring AOP principle ,spring 5,springMVC, transaction management , Cyclic dependence ,spring Design mode, etc

Mysql piece :SQL Execution principle , Indexing underlying mechanism ,SQL Execution plan analysis ,Mysql Lock mechanism ,Mysql Transaction isolation ,SQL Optimization Practice

SpringCloud: Service discovery and registration Eureka And Nacos, Service current limiting fuse degradation Hystrix And Sentinel, Distributed transaction Seata, gateway Gateway

Dubbo piece :Dubbo Basics , architecture design , colony , to configure , communication protocol ,SPI etc.

Redis piece :Redis Core data structure ,Redis Persistence mechanism and security mechanism , Sentinel and cluster architecture ,Redis Cache penetration , Cache invalidation , Cache avalanche ,Redis Cache design and performance optimization )

Distributed article : Principle of distributed architecture , Cluster architecture principle , Distributed lock , Distributed transaction , Distributed protocol , Distributed configuration , Massive data sub database and sub table , Distributed scheduling

Design pattern : Singleton mode , Factory mode , Abstract factory pattern , Builder pattern , Prototype mode , Adapter mode , Decorator mode , Agent mode, etc 23 Design patterns

Data structure and algorithm : Red black tree ,B+ tree , Greedy Algorithm , Hash divide and conquer , Seven search algorithms , dynamic programming , Consistency algorithm

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