1: Check whether the local network settings are correct

ipconfig command :ipconfig command , Can display the current TCP/IP Configured setting value , This information is generally used to verify manually configured TCP/IP Is it correct . If the computer and local area network use dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), The information displayed by this program will be more practical . When ipconfig Without any parameter options , It displays for each interface that has been configured IP address , Subnet mask and default gateway .

ipconfig/? All relevant commands can be displayed , input ipconfig/all More detailed information can be displayed .

ipconfig /
all: When used all Parameter time ,ipconfig capability DNS and WINS The server shows that it has been configured to use additional information ( as IP Address, etc ), And display the physical address built into the local network card (MAC address ).

2: Check local TCP/IP Is the agreement set ,ping and Space between )

ping Commands are generally used to detect whether the network is unobstructed and network speed . Data sent by default :

Get the server according to the domain name ip

TTL The function of is to limit IP The time of existence of packets in the computer network .TTL The maximum value of is 255,TTL A default value for is 64.

3: Check the IP Is the address correct

config Get local IP address

utilize ping command ping Found it IP address

 4: Check whether the connection between the local host and the local network is normal