Front end and back end (Java) Which is difficult to develop ? Which is easier to learn ?

About front end and back end java Difficulty in learning , Here is my share .

Degree of difficulty :

web Front end development

Low starting point . Easy to get started , be relative to Java Say , The front end has low requirements for logical thinking , So it's easier to learn the front end , So you don't have to worry about learning . Many programmers are 0 Basic started , And because of the intersection of positions , There are many Web Front end developers have changed careers .HTML5 Front end from HTML From the development of language , because HTML and CSS Low starting point , Easy to get started .


Simple language grammar , But it is difficult

Java Language ownership and C,C++ And other popular languages , grammar , And it is relatively easy to use among various background development languages . use Java There are simple and perfect solutions for complex application scenarios such as language development, service background, etc .

Java The difficulty of getting started is relatively easy in the background development language , But it is still more difficult than the front end


Web Front end development

advantage : Large talent gap , Good development prospect , Large demand

web Great prospects for front-end development ! Of which HTML5 Technology is becoming more and more mature ,HTML5 Is the mainstream development language of mobile Internet front end , At present, no front-end development technology can replace HTML5. therefore , Whether it is PC End or APP End application , Front end styles are inseparable HTML5. Basic learning web front end ,java,Python thinking , Attached learning materials

Learning is a hard process , Of course, if you can learn the technology , Finally, you will definitely get a high paying job . Master a good learning method , It is very important for a person to learn . If you have any questions in the future , You can always ask me , Can help others learn to solve problems , It is also a process of promotion for oneself . I have compiled the most comprehensive front-end learning materials , From the most basic HTML+CSS+JS reach HTML5 The actual learning materials of the project have been sorted out. This is my front-end technical exchange Q
un+++++++++603----985----993----++++++++++++++ Ask me if you have any questions , Can give you a lot of valuable suggestions .


advantage : The most popular in the world , Broad employment orientation , Multiple selectivity

Java The development prospect of the company is very optimistic .Java Development language is the most popular development language in the world , Both the program industry and the entire Internet industry are bound to have a great impact . Whether in talent demand or salary level ,Java The development prospect of the company is very optimistic .

Web Front end and JAVA Which should I learn ? Which employment situation is better ?

Learning route

of course , Each partner wants to learn different routes , In fact, there is no difference between the two , Are highly paid industries , Choose the most important , be engaged in IT6 year , Here I help you plan your learning route , For easier learning .

Web Front end development


understand HTML Basic grammar specification , Jump between connections , Node child node hierarchy .


Review basic grammar , Box model , Common layout ,CSS3 New animation for ,CSS Pretreatment tool LESS and SaSS.


Js Basic tutorial ,js Common methods for built-in objects , common DOM Tree operation Encyclopedia ,ECMA,DOM,BOM, Timer and focus map .
Currently in-service program development , If you want to learn now web front end Java Python technology , Have you met any questions about learning methods in the process of introductory learning , Learning route , Questions about learning efficiency can be asked

Responsive development

Responsive concept , Media query , Responsive website production , Pruning system , Principle of censored system ,Bootstrap Common templates ,LESS and SASS.

move Web development

Cross terminal WEB And mainstream equipment , Viewport , Streaming layout , Elastic box ,rem, mobile terminal Java event , Common in mobile phones JS Effect making ,Zepto.js, Mobile phone cost-effective page , Mobile phone scrolling .

Front end development history

History and trends of front-end development , Front end modular evolution stage

Mainly understand the new mvvc concept , Modular concept , Front and rear end separation .


JavaSE Basics

From the basic concept of computer ,DOS Command start , What is a program , How to configure JAVA development environment ,JAVA What is the process of programming ,JAVA What are the characteristics , How the program works, etc


Web Front end development foundation and framework ,Servlet and JSP stay Web Back end applications ,Web Back end development related topics ,MVC And hierarchical architecture and project development process and CASE Use of tools, etc .

java frame

Technical knowledge points involved in this stage : Framework integration development (SSH/SSS),RESTful Architecture and mobile interface design , Third party interface and online payment function , Website security and Spring
Security Application practice , Complex user interaction processing and Spring Web Flow Application of ,MyBatis Application and SSM integration

java+ big data

Main technical knowledge points involved : Evolution of 100 million level concurrent architecture ,Linux Basics , build tomcat Environment, big data development, cloud computing and other advanced Java course .

at present ,Java and web Front end prospects are very good , There is also a large demand for talents , High salary . from zd In terms of difficulty ,

Java Harder ,web The front-end is simpler and easier to get started . In terms of talent demand ,Java The demand is larger , But relative Java Talent competitiveness ratio web The front end is much larger . In terms of salary ,Java Average salary ratio of web Front end height . But the specific salary is still related to personal ability , The better the ability, the higher the salary .

Which to learn depends on your own interests . You can try it Java and web front end , See which one you are more interested in , Can you learn , Redetermine . The above is my share , Hope to help you

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