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This design :

The main research topic is speech recognition , Key recognition ,PWM Adjust the brightness with the wave ,OLED The screen shows four modules , At present, most of the desk lamps of speech recognition on the market only control the light on and off , It's normal LED Energy saving lamp for lighting , Compared with the existing products in the market , The main control chip used in the lamp is of high performance STM32F103C8T6 Single chip microcomputer chip , Using interrupt mode to control the table lamp , And based on LD332O Speech recognition module , The speaker independent speech recognition technology is used to control the working state of desk lamp , At the same time, the voice control and key control are realized , The output waveform is used to compare the output PWM wave , utilize PWM Wave to control the brightness of light and achieve the purpose of soft light irradiation , And adopt OLED The screen displays the working status of the desk lamp and the lamp information , Therefore, the user can quickly guide the current working state of the desk lamp , According to their own actual needs, through voice or key to adjust the working state of the lamp , In this way, we can better help these vulnerable groups , Like an old man , children , Pregnant women and other people with mobility difficulties , Because of the use of soft table lamp lighting , To a certain extent, the incidence rate of myopia in adolescents has been increasing. , also LED Light can alleviate the excessive consumption of resources , Current situation of pollutant emission .

The functions are as follows :

1. Speech recognition part : Adopt the popular market-based LD3320 Speech recognition module , Using speaker independent speech recognition (ASR) technology , Debug the voice module to meet the specific vocabulary of desk lamp . Words include : Arousal words , turn on the light , Turn off the lights , Light up , Darken, etc . The main control chip is used STM32F103C8T6 And LD3320 Speech recognition module for serial communication , The main control chip processes the message command after receiving the data .
2. Key control part : Using the key interrupt mechanism to control the brightness of the lamp , And control the light on and off .
3.PWM Wave control LED Soft light brightness part : use STM32F103C8T6 Internal timer output PWM function , Connect the peripheral circuit , Control multiple LED lamp .
4. Display module : The main control chip passed the test SPI Protocol driven 0.96 inch OLED screen , stay 128*64 The brightness level of the light and other information are displayed on the screen with pixels .

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